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Manta Club dive at Salty Fest event (Omeo Wreck, Coogee)

Manta Club dive at Salty Fest event (Omeo Wreck, Coogee)

Loads of fun and fish near some new artificial reefs

Perth Scuba friendly sharksMost of the swells and winds have had a break today, and we saw some good conditions in the water near the good old Omeo Wreck. The Salty Fest event organised by Cockburn City council was a successful and popular celebration of the newly-opened marine underwater trail of new artificial reefs placed near Omeo wreck. 18 of Perth Scuba’s keen Manta Club divers met after 10 am on the grassy lawns nearby Omeo. Many newer divers were enjoying the free Discover Scuba Diving training sessions organised by Perth Scuba and manned by an experienced group of instructors. Shark suits were worn on land and attracted great attention from the young members of general public, who (no doubt) would have started considering underwater exploration near this famous wreck. In the water, especially near the wreck, and also around the new features on the bottom showing plaques featuring the local marine life, the traffic of divers and snorkelers was significant. Near the end of groyne, at near 7-8 meters of depth, a massive underwater structure resembling a steel pyramid was installed recently, and many of our dive crew circled that feature around a few times. Many other artificial reef formations installed recently were also found.

Manta Club divers at Salty Fest Coogee

Schools of small snapper were present, as well as plenty of stripey Talmas sometimes also forming schools. The Omeo Wreck site itself was (as usual) a bit of an aquarium, and the divers enjoyed circling the site and watching the nearby marine species and colourful fish.

A good staircase is still on the wish-list of course, but everybody walked around the stonewalled beach and acquired a good degree of fitness today. Luckily, only 28-29C at the time. Some of us did climb the wall on the way back, raising the rescue crews eyebrows, but it was all fun.

Omeo wreck site offers an improved and feature-rich diving experience now. A tip: most of the new reefs are a little outside the groyne wall, maybe 10-15 meters away from the wall. So for a great dive, it is good to see both the wall and features, mainly on the way back.

Thanks everyone for coming to this Manta Club dive! See you on next dives soon!

Salty Fest Coogee Wreck Trail

Written by Perth Scuba PADI Instructor Mikhail Vasiliev

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