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Manta Club night dive in the ocean FINALLY!

Last weeks manta club night dive (27/7/16) was a revolution we were diving in the ocean at the ammo jetty. Probably the first time out of the river in over two months! Conditions for a change were looking good with low swell and virtually no wind.

Perth Scuba Manta Club Night Dive 03Aug2016-2

It was great to meet a couple of new guys and to see plenty of familiar faces. We had 11 divers in total including myself. Quite a respectable number for the middle of winter. After the usual briefing and henry the DMT having a monent to catch some pokemon… up lol, then we made our way to the water.

From the beach it was looking great with nice flat conditions and just a small wave or two breaking on the sand. The only concern was the vis as the conditions had been fluctuating so much lately.

Once in the water it was clear that the vis wasnt looking too bad.¬†myself and my two buddies descended and headed out towards the end of the jetty. We were immediately greeted by a little occy hiding inside a vacant clam shell. We saw so much life, Squid,more Occys, Seahorses, several different types of Nudi’s some orange ones in clusters of five or more. There was also Scorpion rock cod, Moray Eels, Port Jackson Sharks and heaps of Leatherjackets. We also saw a Fiddler ray that looked in perfect condition but on closer inspection it was clear it was dead. Clearly a cast off from the fishermen above.

There was also all the usual build up of fishing line and rubbish. Some of which had snagged and drowned two seabirds. On August the 7th i am running a cleanup dive for Perth Scubas adopt a dive programme so feel free to come along and lend a hand. Non divers are also welcome as there will more than likely be rubbish on the beach too.

This weeks club night dive is at Belmont oasis pool from the earlier time of 6pm where we are running a free demo of the new scubapro hydros rear inflation bcds. Again open to divers who want to try out this new gear. Just bring the rest of your dive gear and we will supply the BC’s

Perth Scuba PADI Instructor Aaron Goodhew

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