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GoPro WiFi BacPac Combo Kit

GoPro has released a new accessory for their portable action cameras the GoPro Wi-Fi BacPac and Wi-Fi Remote combo are now available for users willing to further extend the capabilities of their GoPro HD HERO and HD HERO2. The GoPro Wi-Fi BacPac attaches to the back of your GoPro camera and should enable you to get live video remote control, preview and playback using an upcoming free GoPro App on your smartphone or tablet (Android and iOS devices will be supported). And the Wi-Fi BacPac should soon also allow you to transfer wirelessly photos and videos from your GoPro as well as to do live streaming from the camera. And when you combine the Wi-Fi BacPac with the GoPro Wi-Fi Remote you should be able to wirelessly control multiple cameras (maximum 50) from a distance of up to 180 meters. You get full camera control including on/off and the camera display gets mirrored on the screen of the Wi-Fi Remote.

Great for those who want to mount it in a unique hard to access position and either want to be able to see what they are filming (Perfect for Spy Cam) or for those who want to control when to start and stop filming (eg if its on the outside of your car and you do not want to get out to turn it off and on)

What’s Included

  • Wi-Fi BacPac (with built-in Li-ion Battery)
  • Wi-Fi Remote (with built-in Li-ion Battery)
  • Remote Charging Cable
  • Remote Attachment Key
  • Remote Attachment Strap
  • Waterproof Backdoor
  • Non-waterproof Backdoor
  • 12” USB Charging Cable

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