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Beautiful clear skies greeted our Sunday long weekend

Beautiful Clear skies greeted us this Sunday long weekend 1 March 2015 and it was an awesome way to jump into Autumn with a great dive down at Robb Jetty.Perth Scuba Manta Club Dive Robb Jetty 01Mar2015-3

After a cooked breaky of bacon and eggs rolls and a short dive briefing we headed on down to get ready and kit up.

Once all geared up the 22 of us headed into the nice warm clear calm water to start the dive.

Pleasantly the visbility was quite clear at 4-6m and there was more than plenty to see along the hour dive.

For the lucky 22 we got to see Stripeys, Toado, Goat fish, Magpie Morwong’s, Western Whiptails, Roughys, Western Striped Cardinal Fish, Western Striped Trumpeters, Western Gobbleguts, Banded Sweeps, Cow fish and for a lucky couple of us and a very first for us all we ended up finding a Robust ghost pipe fish hiding in the weeds, thankfully it started moving so we could see it otherwise we would of gone right over the top. ¬†We also found a very playful octopus who liked my poker and kept trying to grab it.Perth Scuba Manta Club Dive Robb Jetty 01Mar2015-2

It was a great way to start Autumn and I’m sure this will continue for another couple of months at least, so get out of bed next Sunday and head down to the dive shop for some cooked breaky and a great dive.

See you all then.

written by Perth Scuba PADI Divemaster Adam Booth

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