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Calm Coombe with a hint of breeze

written by Dominic Ngu – Perth Scuba PADI Instructor

As the watch registered 19:00 on Wednesday 2 July 2014, waters at The Coombe were calm with the slightest hint of a calm breeze.  Nobody may have guessed that it was pouring down with rain and windy only just 2 – 3 hours prior to that.  Any concerns about the weather were quickly eased, with a few returning divers confirming just a slight North Westerly current.

Tonight’s club dive had a fellow Perth Scuba regular, Steve, and 2 new excited divers from their Open Water Course, Rob and Adam, who made the trip from Hillary’s to join us tonight.  This was Rob and Adam’s first night dive. After everyone had their equipment fully assembled and organised, we went through the standard dive briefing.  Being an easy group of 4 divers, we all decided to dive together as a group.

Upon entering the waters at 19:36 and descending, we were immediately welcomed by more than a dozen female blue swimmer crabs, all confined within a 6m area.  One will definitely not want to stroll through this place barefooted!  Imagine tip toeing through a small area with 100 mouse spring traps…ouchhhh!  The blue swimmer crabs were out in force tonight with the occasional crab darting across our dive paths from no where.

Water temperature was 16C with a visibility range of approximately 5m tonight.  We came across one of the smaller wrecks upon heading straight out from the car park entry point, presumably buoy 221 wreck.  The small open wreck was quite deserted tonight, as we proceeded further out to a maximum depth of 15m.  Steve got stuck into gathering a few prawns and crabs along our dive path. During our dives, we came across the regular underwater residences of blowfish, blue swimmer crabs, sea horses, mantis shrimps, starfish, anemones, gobbies, leatherjackets and a solitary brown jellyfish en route back.

At the 21 minute mark as both Rob and Adam, started reaching the 110 bar air supply mark, we began navigating our way back. More crabs and prawns along the way, before making a safe surface and exit at the 30 minute mark.  Steve being the great bloke he is, very kindly gave all his crabs to Rob and Adam.  Thanks guys for a chillaxing dive, and see you soon at another club dive!

 Perth Scuba Manta Club Dive The Coombe 02Jul2014

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