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Among the schools of Snapper at RWT

Written by Mikhail Vasiliev – Perth Scuba Dive Master

This Sunday morning (3rd August 2014) felt like the summer was coming back, and after attending the traditional Perth Scuba pre-Club-Dive barbecue, five of the dive crew headed towards Rockingham Wreck Trail. We also met Perth Scuba Instructor Dominic there – he decided to also join this Club Dive (thanks Dominic!). We looked at the water, and the conditions were practically ideal, with no waves on the surface and no side-currents, so that even at the Chicken Coop’s  depth (about 14m) underwater the visibility reached at least 4-5 meters. The strong sunlight was definitely able to penetrate through th entire field of wrecks populated now by large schools of young snapper. These yellowish fins were just everywhere around, the snapper were probably “in the know” that some egg yolks could be poured into water during the Open Water as well as Advanced Open Water Courses. I believe an Advanced OW Course run by Perth Scuba was also in progress at the time at RWT, so no wonder the fish were all congregating to meet their new underwater friends who will be certified to smim in more advanced ways among these airplane and boat wrecks soon.

The divers’ group was a rather diverse one – from the recent Perth Scuba Open Water and Advanced Open Water graduates to the seasoned/well-travelled divers who now tend to gauge the temperatures against the many tropical sites, and then still love the cool waters of RWT, as well as one Perth Scuba PADI Instructor – therefore everyone cruised through the water in full confidence, exploring the parts of RWT that are often overlooked by divers on courses (including the Tyre Reef and the Chicken Coop – most know these places but these are not part of the “usual” RWT exploration by many). 16C at the bottom felt good, and much warmer on the skin then 14-15C at the same time last year. The schools of snapper cruised around our group and even seemed to follow us, and this was fantastic.

Thanks everyone for coming to this Manta Club dive! See you on our next dives soon!

Perth Scuba Manta Club Dive Rockingham Wreck Trail 03Aug2014-2

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