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Hunting for prawns and tourists at The Coombe

written by Sarah Toohey – Perth Scuba PADI Instructor

Another stunning night to jump in the water for a dive on Wednesday 3 December 2014! All sorts joined us tonight; eager students fresh out of their Open Water Course, divers on the hunt for prawns and then there’s the rest of us tourist divers who just can’t wait to get under the water and look at, well, anything!

Russell, our Divemaster-in-training, led the evening with a comprehensive dive brief and site set-up then went on to lead our new night divers into the waters. The Coombe can be another elusive dive site for actual ‘wrecks’ especially since the silty bottom and darkness can be so disorienting. But the critters didn’t disappoint! The prawns were out in force (well, where we were diving anyway, sorry boys) and there were plenty of anemones, seahorses and schools of bullet-eyes to keep us busy… that is, when we weren’t losing divers in the dark and misleading river!

We all seemed to bob to the surface completely separate of each other with some not realising they had been surfacing at all!! (be careful peeps, take your time and watch your depth and always, always make a safety stop!!) But prawns were caught, we laughed a lot and had another great dive was had. Thanks all.


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