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Water warming up at North Coogee Wall

written by Dane Fielder – Perth Scuba PADI Dive Master

We arrived at the North Coogee Wall on Wednesday 3rd September 2014 at seven o’clock, got kitted up straight away and made our way into the water. I took the two new guys while the other two more experienced divers made their way casually up the wall.

On the way up we spotted a school of baby snapper and large leather jacket. Once we made it around the corner we found a massive cuttlefish under the rocks but he didn’t like my torch too much so he disappeared fast. Not far from that we saw a squid chasing down his dinner with no lunch though.  On the way we came across a decent sized stonefish, plenty of seahorses, a big brown ugly nudibranch (Editor’s Note – gees Dane, that’s a little harsh! I’m sure someone finds it pretty…. maybe….), boxfish, wrasse, skipjack and finally we came across a lionfish.

We then decided to turn back and on the way back in we bumped into the other two who later told us they came across a big Occy!! After all that another lionfish came out to play at around 4m on the way back in.
The water was also 18 degrees so time to dust off the 5mm!

Perth Scuba Manta Club Night Dive North Coogee Wall 03Sep2014-2

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