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Sunday snags, bacon & eggs and off to Robb Jetty

It was a hot 37 degree day on Sunday 4th January 2015 and after a cooked breaky of snags, bacon and eggs we headed of to Robb Jetty for the club dive of the day.

Upon arriving we were greeted with a busy car park and a busy beach, once geared up we headed down to the beautiful warm (23 degree) clear water.

Vis was around 4-6m and the fish life was out and about.

Perth Scuba Club Dive Western Australia 29July2012_-0246

For the lucky divers who came along we ended up finding a big octopus, cuttlefish, magpie Morwong’s, Cardinal fish, Banded Sweeps, Stripeys, , Bulleyes, Cowfish, and large schools of Toado and Snapper.

It was a great dive on a hot day and with enjoyable dive conditions it was a great place to be on a Sunday.

Join us next week for a diving adventure, you never know what your going to see around Perth

written by Adam Booth – Perth Scuba PADI Divemaster

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