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Hawaii less than five-go

written by Brett Cook – Perth Scuba PADI Divemaster

Weather Alerts, White caps in the ocean and buckets of rain did not stop us from diving today. These conditions were pointing us directly at The Coombe today.

High tide, 16 glorious degrees water temp and calm waters greeted our arrival. A quick superhero change into our diving apparel – technical term – and we were getting wet. Nice little surface swim and chat along the way to buoy 661, we descended through a thermocline into the depths of the swan river. Visibility at about 5m at the bottom and after our all ok signals headed off to the wrecks. Large schools of gobble guts (another technical term) hung like a curtain as we swam through. Numerous Sea horses, crabs and anemones, not to mention the bright and colourful nudis made for some good diving over the wrecks. Must remember to do paper rock scissors at the next safety stop to help pass the time. A very light drizzle from the rain on our faces as we swum back to the carpark.

This really is such as nice protected little cove and is undervalued as a great site. Given the “Awesome” weather and the other 30-odd divers at the Coombe, visibility was pretty good today.

Great work by Mitch who has only just knocked out this, his 6th dive after his Perth Scuba – PADI Open Water Course!

We look forward to all of  you die hard divers out there on Wednesday at 7pm for our night dive.

Perth Scuba Manta Club Dive The Coombe 06Jul2014

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