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Among the seahorses and large brain corals

written by Mikhail Vasiliev – Perth Scuba PADI Assistant Instructor

This Sunday morning (10 August 2014) felt like the summer was already here, and after the bacon and eggs pre-dive barbie, nine of Perth Scuba dive crew headed towards Woodman Point. There, impressively calm water conditions awaited us, the very slight easterly wind was blowing, but the ripple was under 1 foot. Quite different from some surge-like conditions reported by other divers to be happening just before near Ammo Jetty, and also there was plenty of warm sunlight available to penetrate water down to the bottom levels of this site – near 8-10 meters.

Underwater, the visibility was only 2-3 meters on the northern side; so plenty of practical exercises for hovering and neutral buoyancy were performed, everyone followed their buddies and buddy teams within close reach, and finally after going around the groyne’s tip, much better and clearer views were seen (maybe 4-5 m of vis) near the southern side of groyne. We could easily avoid all discarded fishing lines as well as submerged lures.

The schools of small blennies followed the divers, sometimes forming small clouds of fish within arm’s reach. At least one lionfish with yellowish feathers was identified hiding among the corals, and multiple seahorses were spotted. TheĀ  spherical brain-type corals (white or grey in colour) sat at near 8-9 meters of depth like very large soccer balls. This dive site is probably somewhat unique among others nearby in terms of coral varieties. Some Cockburn Sound Sea Anemones were also found.

The divers’ group included some of Perth Scuba’s long-term Manta Club divers and suntanned Touring Members, as well as many recent graduates from a range of diving courses. Everybody saw something new during this dive (hopefully), and16C water felt quite OK considering plenty of sunshine. The new and largest Extra Supermoon of this year was preparing to rise this evening and itself was now diving under the horizon somewhere, having descended unseen at some time before our barbeque time.

Thanks everyone for coming to this Manta Club dive! See you soon next Sunday for more dive exploration!

Manta Club divers at Woodmans Point 10 Aug 2014-2

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