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Having a blast surrounded by cocktail shrimps

written by Aaron Goodhew – Perth Scuba PADI DivemasterManta-Club-Night-Dive-Point-Walter-10Dec2014-2

I wont lie but being the first night dive I had led as a relatively newly qualified Divemaster I did feel a degree anxiousness before the dive. Once At the site (Point Walter Reserve) and I met up with the other 9 divers all pre-dive jitters were gone on Wednesday 10 December 2014.
In the group we had a mixed bunch of experienced divers and some guys new to night diving. We all geared up on what was a lovely warm, calm evening and I gave the dive brief.
There was some talk and joking about Point Walter being a ‘dirty’ dive with not a lot on offer. However I have in the past had some very rewarding dives here. The last time I dived here around six months ago we found scores of seahorses under the jetty…… I was hoping for more of the same!
We entered the water and headed straight towards the channel, down to around the 13m mark. There were lots and lots of prawns but even under water they looked tiny so for the guys catching them they wouldn’t have provided a good meal! They were more like cocktail shrimps than prawns!
We saw all the usual stuff typical of the swan river, common Toadfish, Flounder, Flatheads, Cobbler, Prawns, several species of Crabs, anemones and lots of Jellyfish. Some of the Jellyfish were almost the size of dinner plates and lit up amazingly with our torch beams.
We then headed towards the shallows where at the 2-3m depth in amongst the weeds we were blessed with the rare chance of seeing a Fingered Dragonet. This fish was beautiful and so ornate, Being a female it had a large crest on its head which was really cool. I think we were lucky as they are more common in tropical waters and are very illusive, this was personally the first time I have seen one.Manta-Club-Night-Dive-Point-Walter-10Dec2014-3
We ended the dive under the jetty and thankfully to top the dive off history repeated itself with stacks and stacks of seahorses. There was that many there was not enough free space for them to hang off so they were clinging to one another. There was every different colour, some were tiny some were big and some were pregnant. It was a great end to the dive.
On debriefing everyone said they had a good dive, for the two guys with me doing their first night dives they had a blast.
Cant wait for next Wednesday night for more of the same…………….

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