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Busy busy at Bicton Baths

What can I say apart from busy busy busy………Bicton Baths was packed on Wednesday night (11/2/15) there were cars parked right the way up the hill. This was the first time ever I haven’t been able to park in the car park. There was a reason it was so busy, it was a perfect summers night and everyone was taking full advantage including the 9 Manta Club divers and myself. 
After dropping my gear off under the trees we geared up and I gave the briefing. Among us there well a couple of guys new to night diving who were going to tag along with me. One of them being Max who had only done his open water the weekend before, so it was shaping up to be an interesting dive!
Perth Scuba Manta Club Night Dive Bicton Baths 12Feb2015-2 
We entered the calm water which was a lovely twenty five degrees. Last time we dived here the current was ripping however this time there was a complete contrast and the water was barely moving. This made it nice and easy for the new guys, visibility wasn’t too bad either at around 4m. The majority of the rest of the group headed to deeper water clutching their nets in search of prawns. We however made a steady descent down the bank to around the 12m mark in search of the usual river critters. We saw plenty of crabs of different shapes and sizes, Slender Seamoths, Tassel-snouted Flathead, Bream, Cobbler, some good sized Jelly Fish and of course a few Prawns. As we headed back up the slope we spotted two Pipefish each around 200mm long just sat out in the open which was really cool as I have never come across them in the river before.
The final part of our dive was under and around the Jetty, here we saw a really good sized Flathead, several Seahorses, a solitary juvenile Old Wife and the usual rubbish left by fishermen. 
Most of the guys caught very few prawns, crabs were caught in much higher numbers. There was even a catch bag lost by Jack, much to his disappointment.
Overall it was a good dive typical of the Swan River with plenty of small stuff to see, with the added bonus of a couple of guys getting to try diving in the dark for the first time :-)  
Cheers and see you soon

Perth Scuba PADI Divemaster Aaron Goodhew

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