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Massive group spreads out at North Coogee Wall

Well it was another glorious warm summer day on Sunday 11/01/2015 and we had a massive group (34) divers turn up for the club dive at the shop.

Perth Scuba Manta Club Dive Sunday 11Jan2015 (4)-2

After cooking up a storm on the BBQ and using the presentation room for the dive briefing we headed off to the dive site of the day North Coogee Wall.

After finding parking and for some a little trek to the beach 29 of the 34 divers headed into the water for a dive.

The conditions upon arriving at the site was dead calm warm crystal clear water.

After the group photo the divers headed in to explore the wall and to see all the cool little creatures under the water.

Standing watch above on the rocks I could tell it was a nice clear dive, being able to see the divers in the water even when they were at 6m.

For the lucky ones in the water they got to see, groups of Snapper and Toado, big and small crabs, Nudi’s, Stripeys, Roughy’s Grub fish, Gobbleguts, Box fish and Cowfish.

Once again it was another great dive in Perth this summer and a really great turn out for club divers.

Make sure you come along to the next club dive on Sunday and make it an even bigger and better turn out.

written by Adam Booth – Perth Scuba PADI Divemaster

Perth Scuba Manta Club Dive Sunday 11Jan2015 (2)-2

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