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The Coombe Wreck Trail

written by Brett Cook – Perth Scuba PADI Dive Master

These are elite divers, so we can’t show you their faces….

Perth Scuba Manta Club Dive The Coombe 14May2014-2

Tonight’s conditions (Wednesday 14 May 2014) with no wind, glassy water and a full moon provided some added excitement to tonight’s dive. It had been 3 months since our last night dive at the Coombe – we had some great diving that night and were looking forward to more of the same. We were wrong – it was better! How does 5-7m vis, at night, in the river sound? Well Boo-ya! that’s what we had!

The recent rains had certainly cleaned the place up, with only a small amount of particulate in the water – resulting in great diving visibility. Dropping down from Buoy 661, the first wreck was visible from the chain, a double fin kick and we were on it. Greeted by large numbers of seahorses we worked our way around  a couple of laps later we moved to the second wreck by easily following the ropes between the two. Again greeted by loads of seahorses, blue swimmer crabs, prawns and numerous fishlife and coral – there were some pretty big smiles on all our faces as everything was just so clear. A couple of guys started to size up some of the crabs and there was some pretty big ones too. The third “wreck” well a dinghy, also was found by again simply following a rope.

The group split here with two of our divers heading out to the deep wrecks in 21m. You guessed it, they followed a rope. After a decent swim out, they came upon large wrecks with abundant life also.

It felt that everything was really alive tonight with the full moon having a positive effect. Heading back along the ropes, stopping to explore the wrecks back to the chain of the buoy, our crab hunters got lucky and a couple were acquired – for scientific research of course! A leisurely 3 minute safety stop and back to the surface we were. Lying back and looking up at the night sky as we finned back prompted the smiles again and comments like “ how good is this?” and “ This is why I go diving”.

The water temp was a fresh 17 degrees – might be time for that Drysuit course… Although we lasted well at about 40 mins for the dive, none of us were overly cold.

What a really magic night! I hereby rename The Coombe, to The Coombe Wreck Trail. Can’t wait to come back here.

Welcome also to some new divers with Perth Scuba tonight – Tristan and Alistair, thanks for coming and look forward to seeing you guys again soon at the next dive.

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