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Clear and calm night at The Coombe

A clear and calm night, with conditions conducive for a fantastic night dive on Wednesday 17 September 2014.  Destination, The Coombe, and we had 9 enthusiastic divers coming along this evening.  With weather warming up, numbers for club dives were on the steady increase.

Once everyone had their equipment set up, we completed a standard dive briefing.  Everybody was familiar with The Coombe, with a couple new to night diving.  Due to the level of silt here, the group decided to split 3 ways this evening.  DMT Forge led a convoy to the left upon shore entry towards the larger deep wreck, aspiring DMT led another group straight ahead to the smaller wreck, whilst the bold & beautiful Shane & Leon ventured right.  Welcome to The Coombe, done 3 ways…take your pick!

Water was a cool 19C, standard temperature for this part of the year.  Everyone descended by 1930pm.  Visibility was approximately 3m-4m.  As usual, the convoy of crabs greeted the divers upon entry.  Aquatic life in deeper waters were quite sparse this evening, with the majority closer towards the rocky shorelines.  There were plenty of crabs around, though majority quite small.  Along our dives, we would have encountered sea dragons, prawns, starfish of all sizes and colours, skippies, squid, flatheads, flounders and various types of shellfish.

All dives surfaced safely after approximately 50 minutes.  Team Forge returned first, though a distance away, likewise with Shane and Leon around 150m away on the right hand side bank.  Congratulations to John who navigated superbly, surfacing together approximately within 15M of shore entry point.  Well done to the 1st time night divers.

Perth Scuba Manta Club Dive The Coombe 17Sep2014-2

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