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Hammerhead dolphin remains elusive

Wednesday Night 18 February 2015 after the dive brief we got kitted up for the long hot walk to the wreck. It was high tide so the concrete pillars were  not visible  so the divers took a compass reference and cool down for five mins or so.

Then we made are way to the statue and descended after a min or so we  found the elusive jetty – good work in the dark!Perth Scuba Manta Club Dive Robb Jetty 18Feb2015-2 I have to say that was the best vis 3-4 m i have seen and made for a very enjoyable dive .

While on the dive we got to see plenty box-fish, octopus, rays, seahorses on and on but the highlight of the night was the hammerhead dolphin and baby port jackson shark if only had a camera.

Diving Wednesday and Sunday is great but to have that sort of vis makes it so enjoyable and all the dives were happpppppy.

written by Perth Scuba PADI Divemaster – Forge Lucivevro

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