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Robb Jetty on a mid-winter Sunday

Manta Club dive at Robbs Jetty on a mid-winter Sunday when plenty of waves were pumping but no predicted thunderstorms happened

Written by Mikhail Vasiliev – Perth Scuba Divemaster

 This Sunday 20 July 2014 was quite sunny again, and despite rather variable weather conditions during last week and some thunderstorms predicted for today, most of Perth coastline looked great, except for the reefs of all sorts – near these wonderful marine life habitats the surfers were more equipped to enjoy the 2-4” waves of today. Manta Club divers chose to explore the waters around the fully-submerged Robbs Jetty, where the conditions were quite nice on the surface and interesting underwater, for the most part.

The deeper parts of the Jetty had very limited visibility (anything could have lurked 2m away from the divers in there without us seeing), but the shallower end was quite populated with various creatures, from sea stars to the coralline algae and other usual residents of submerged pipe aquaria – the stripeys. The water didn’t feel cold at all – maybe it was just a sunny wind-free day with no recent upwelling happening.

Thanks for coming to this Club dive, Catherine and Eddie! See you on next Manta Club dives.


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