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Eel, squid, stingray…

written by Simon Kong – Perth Scuba PADI Dive Master

And a lone manta club diver at Ammo Jetty. No wind, relatively calm sea, no sea weed, awesome diving weather today (Wednesday 21 May 2014). One bright and early club diver Aeron was already on site at 6:30pm. After waiting 45 min, we concluded that we were the only two today.

Went in, we were welcome by calm sea, no wind and no seaweed. Viz was better than Sunday, and the temperature today was a nice warm 20 degrees.

We saw a baby eel  right in the middle of the jetty, with it’s tiny mouth open and looking at us, past that we saw a stingray of about 1.5M wide, followed by a few squids cruising around at the end of the jetty.

On our way back we say a 15 – 20 cm squid trying to eat a fish that was at least 6 times bigger than him, seeing us did not bother it at all. That was quite funny to watch.

On our 2nd round out to the end of the jetty,  we were trying out the UV/Blue light feature from the new torch that Aeron acquired recently. Amazing how some stuff that you would otherwise not see, stand out so much with the UV/Blue light. Next time you are at the shop, make sure you ask the staff about “Fluoro Diving”.

Hope to see more manta club divers next week.


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