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24 divers along for a ride into the Ammo Jetty

On Sunday the 22nd of February, the Perth Scuba crew assembled at the shop in eager anticipation for the morning’s club dive. After gathering the days essential items, including, of course, the mandatory sausage sizzle, we were off to the site of the day, Ammunition Jetty.

Perth Scuba Manta Club Dive Ammo Jetty 22Feb2015-2

Upon arrival, it didn’t take long before we were kitted up and raring to go and with 24 divers along for the ride, there was bound to be some fun to be had. After a site briefing, the motley congregation hit the water for what turned out to be a dive teeming with life. Only a few minutes into the dive a stealthy octopus was sighted, shortly followed by the discovery of a small but mercurial conger eel surreptitiously hiding underneath a log. Fish life wasn’t disappointing either, with such varieties as boxfish, yellowtail, silver trevally and large schools of baitfish creating awesome photo opportunities for those lucky enough to have a camera on them. The shoreward return presented us with a very well hidden eel which looked like it was a very decent size indeed. Unfortunately (fortunately for our fingers) it was in possession of a quite reserved personality, and as such was very hard to see in all its glory. Luckily it had a smaller sibling who was all too happy to show its face and give us a toothy grin. On exiting the water, it was apparent that we had chosen the right time to finish the dive, for the wind was picking up and another group of divers were heading in. All in all, a very enjoyable morning was had, and it was great to see such an enthusiastic bunch of divers along for the dive.

To be continued… when Asher finds his USB he left on the floor of the shop and we found in the vacuum cleaner  :lol:

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