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In the realm of large stripeys

Written by Mikhail Vasiliev – Perth Scuba Dive Master

This Sunday 27 July 2014 was quite sunny again, and during a well-timed break in-between the two rain events, after attending the traditional Perth Scuba pre-Club-Dive barbecue, six of the dedicated all-seasons dive crew headed towards BHP Jetty. The water conditions were fine, with only small waves on the surface, and a few meters underwater the visibility reached at least 4-5 meters in some places.

The multi-coloured nudibranchs dotted the landscape on and in-between jetty pylons, and the internal jetty territory near the far end was patrolled by a group of rather large back and white stripeys who did look like they knew about being videotaped. A cloud of a school of little catfish was also seen rolling down the bottom, as well as other small and medium (up to about 1 foot in length) fishes, some almost transparent and some with colours. The divers were looking for signs of octopus activity, but this time our tentacled friends were hiding somewhere.

Most of our group were recent Perth Scuba Open Water graduates, and everyone cruised through the water effortlessly, enjoyed the dive and in fact practically no stone on the bottom was moved by fins, showing evidently the good buoyancy skills and quality of training.

Thanks everyone for coming to this Manta Club dive! See you on next dives soon.

Perth Scuba Manta Club Dive 27Jul2014-2

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