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Plenty of prawns, crabs, seahorses and mantis shrimp

written by Perth Scuba PADI Instructor – Dane Fielder

We arrived at the Coombe 7 o’clock all keen and eager to go for a night diving on Wednesday 29/10/14. I took a snap, gave my dive brief then we got kitted up and jumped into the water.

We surface swam to the mooring then made our descent, after realising that we were at the wrong mooring for the wreck we went for a little swim and found it. Shortly after we came across the second wreck, with not much happening around that beside the odd seahorse we headed out for the prawns. While prawning we came across plenty of prawns, crabs, seahorses, mantis shrimp, sponges, starfish and heaps of jellyfish.

After around 30 minutes we found ourselves at around 18m, with plenty of baby prawns and nice crabs around we unfortunately had to make our way back without finding the big ones!

This site has about half a foot of silt sitting on top of the bottom so when prawning it’s easy to loose your buddy (Perth scuba have a great strobe/torch for $90). It also drops down 13m rather fast then 18m if you head left of the car park so keep an eye on your air!

The water was 20 degrees, average depth 13.4m, max depth 18m and dive time was 44mins. No current and low viz. I’m guessing this site picks up with a bit of current. It’s also really good for beginners who want to check out some wrecks and also for the advanced diver who wants to head deep for the big prawns and crabs!

Perth Scuba Manta Club Dive The Coombe 29Oct2014-2

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