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The Grain Ice Water Challenge

written by Adam Booth – Perth Scuba PADI Dive Master

This Sunday 31/08/2014 the last day of winter (Yippee) 11 of Perth Scuba’s Manta club elite plus myself headed off to the Grain Terminal for a dive.

After filling up with snags and rolls we headed off to the dive site to gear up.

Upon turning up we were greeted with a nice calm ocean and basically no current at all, unfortunately the vis was only 2-3M as there were plenty of other divers already there with the same idea as us.

The water temp was an icy 16 degrees and felt like the ice bucket challenge only much longer. Thankfully, once you got used to it though it wasn’t that bad.

While on the dive we got to see plenty of blow fish in fairly nice size schools, cowfish, box fish, heaps of grub fish and I lost count after 30 or so of the amount of large 7-8cm orange slugs(nudi’s) we saw. There was 1 or 2 playful cuttle fish that didn’t mind you getting close and also an octopus who came and said hello.

This was a great dive even though a little on the cold side. I’m certainly looking forward to the months ahead with the warmer weather coming and also the better vis as well. Definitely a site to come to again with heaps to see.

Cheers and hope to see you all in the water soon on one of the upcoming club dives!

Perth Scuba Manta Club Dive Kwinana Grain Terminal 31Aug2014-2

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