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FREE Wednesday Night Dive MEET AT BHP JETTY

Apr ’14
7:00 pm

Join the Perth Scuba Crew for a FREE Wednesday Night Dive at the BHP JETTY led by our Perth Scuba PADI Divemaster Sarah Toohey. Not sure where to meet? Head to the Perth Scuba App, click on Dive Sites, and select Naval Base, BHP Jetty to find your way there (car park at the end of Riseley Road) 

This site is the jetty BHP once used. The site is accessed by going to the end of Riseley Road. On a street map or satellite view you will see two parallel jetties into the Cockburn Sound, the most northerly is the old BHP Jetty – and this is our dive site. It will be quite obvious that it is not in use when you arrive.

This site can only be dived while the jetty is closed. Approaching within 30m of active berths is forbidden by the Ports Authority. However, the BHP Jetty, is closed for extensive repairs that never eventuated – so you can dive under it. Under the water the ground slopes down from either side of the jetty with the maximum depth being around 8m in the middle at the end of the jetty and 10m on the edges of the structure.

Need gear? Head into the shop to pick up your gear before 6pm.

Need a buddy? Don’t worry, we’ll find you one on the night.

Meet the crew in the car park at the end of Riseley Road at 7pm. Don’t forget your torch and a glow stick for your tank!!!

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