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An adventure under the BHP Jetty

Perth Scuba Manta Club Dive BHP Jetty 22Jan2014How can you complain about the weather when the water is so inviting. Geared up, we fired-up our torches and glowsticks for an adventure under the BHP Jetty at Kwinana Naval Base.

What a night, 3 divers brand new to diving at night were unphased by the heavy particulates and darkness of the jetty as they came across stingrays, octopus and so much more surrounding the pylons. One of our divers took an amazing video of a blue-ringed octopus as he cruised around the sea floor.

More reports of cuttlefish and schools of squid along with many of our usual night time critters with crabs and globefish dotting our paths. Our diving crew is growing all the time so come on down and join us for next weeks dive!!

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