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Converging on Kwinana Grain Terminal

written by Sarah Toohey – Perth Scuba PADI Dive MasterPerth Scuba Manta Club Dive Kwinana Grain Terminal 09Feb2014

Apparently people are too scared to enter Perth waters…. I have 40 divers converging on the Kwinana Grain Terminal for our Manta Club dive who can prove that argument very wrong!

Brekkie guzzled and the new Perth Scuba App downloaded, we fought horse floats for parking space to covet the warm, inviting waters of the big, blue jetty. While all I saw were octopus curled into their shell enclosures and some popping out saying ‘hello’ as we passed, maybe a stingray or two and some nudibranchs, reports of cuttlefish and a school of 100 baby squid (actual number not verified…) were seen all through the pylons and along the sunny, sandy depths.

Jealous much? I am and I was there! Such a great dive location and an amazing day to enjoy it on. Once again, it’s great to see new people joining us all the time and becoming a part of this fun social community of divers. See you on the next Manta Club adventure!

Editors Note: There’s been some cool photos including the squid school from this weekend’s club dive on the Perth Scuba App – check it out! Click here to download it for FREE.


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