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The myth of the Glyde Street Wreck

written by Sarah Toohey – Perth Scuba PADI Dive Master

Where have all the divers gone! Thank goodness Joey is back from her spectacular Manado trip to get us back on track. I found Forge looking quite sad without all our diving buddies to banter with… It was great to see a few more join us just as we were about to paddle out on Wednesday 16 March. Loaded with catch bags and prawn nets, it was the perfect night for it!

And supposedly there is a wreck here just off Glyde Street. I believe this wreck is a myth. A mere fantasy created by many to laugh in our faces as we fumbled about looking for Buoy numbers from where this yellow-brick rope connected wreck dive was to begin….

Instead, we were greeted by many cranky blue manners and a couple of crazy prawns. So we decided to bob about in the shallows of the restaurant jetty for a while. Despite being shallow, the seahorses through these pylons were in ridiculous proportions! From the very white, some pale pinks and beautiful orange they were in big bunches and swimming without a care past us as we explored.

And this wreck – the mythical one – turns out there really is a wreck down there as we bumped into a couple of other divers on our return who had just come back from exploring it.

Don’t look for a marker buoy just swim straight out from the entry and veer left a bit and you might run into it…. Hmmm maybe one to try again?

Perth Scuba Manta Club Dive Glyde Street 16Apr2014-2

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