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Our new marine sanctuaries across Australia

You know, sometimes pollies actually get it right.say thanks and protect it forever

Federal Parliament has just risen, and this time our MPs got it spectacularly right on marine protection. Thanks to the hard work of thousands of CCWA supporters they voted in support of the largest network of marine parks in the world, including new marine sanctuaries in WA at iconic locations like the Perth Canyon, Margaret River and Geographe Bay!

Now that’s worth celebrating! Writer Tim Winton has a video message for us here

But in Canberra the tide can turn quickly. Governments change, and laws can change along with them. If we want to prove that marine protection is not just a passing fad we need to tell them how much these new sanctuaries mean to us. A positive reaction now will help secure this achievement for generations and make the marine momentum unstoppable.

Please send a very quick ‘Thank You’ to your local MP. Parliamentarians from across the board have supported the drive for marine parks over successive governments.  This story goes back over a decade so they need to appreciate that’s it’s all been worth it. They might even want to do it again someday.

So don’t leave your parliamentary rep in any doubt. By showing how much we care now, we’ll make this a legacy to last for generations.

Oh, and tell a few friends too.

Thanks (and congratulations).

David Mackenzie

PS – Let’s give our pollies some positive reinforcement and remind them we’re still around, and will be for a while.

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