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Marine Vote Won – one more vote to go

Australia’s new marine parks were voted on last night in Parliament and I thought you should know what happened. Save our Marine Life - by Joey Pool

You’d remember that Australia declared the largest network of marine parks in the world last November. Here’s the map if you missed it.

It’s normally a mere formality, but approval for any new parks and sanctuaries is needed from Federal Parliament before they become law.

The excellent news is that last night the Lower House voted and all new marine parks and sanctuaries were approved. This is a fantastic result, so thank you for all your hard work and support.

But there is one more hurdle to be cleared when the Upper House (Senate) votes on the 25th June.

Traditionally our marine life has enjoyed strong support from both sides of politics with Liberals protecting the Great Barrier Reef and the current Labor government delivering the national network. However in a sign of today’s heavily polarized politics the vote was split along progressive/conservative party lines with the Independents carrying the day FOR marine parks and sanctuaries.

This split in Parliament, however, doesn’t tell the whole story and the majority of conservative MPs remain marine park supporters. With your help over coming months we hope to bring their views to the fore so the Liberal Party returns to its traditional position of supporting marine parks.

In the meantime today’s result has been a great one for our marine life. We’ll let you know when the final vote occurs at the end of June in the Senate.

Thanks for seeing this through right to the finish line.

Best regards,

David Mackenzie
Save Our Marine Life

PS – You can read the ABC Online story covering the vote here.

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