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Marmion Angling and Aquatic Club beach dive

This Sunday morning, with the great conditions, I took the team to MAAC north of the river in Marmion. After the 30min drive we parked in the front car park then walked down the steps to the beach. With a little bit of swell we had to time our entry right but it wasn’t a problem. 
Manta Club shore dive

After a little surface swim we dropped down and not long after we found the reef. After a couple of little swim-throughs we made it out the back of the reef to find a schools of silver bream and the odd scalyfin. After heading North for a bit we hit a large sand patch so we came back to shore a little then headed back South.

On the way back we looked out for a couple of secret caves but didn’t have much luck. The surge picked up a little in the shallow water but it was still bearable. The viz managed to stay good for most of the dive, it just got a little murky on the way in. After 50mins we made our way back to the entry point to be greeted by a couple of snorkelers and to battle the hike up the steps.

PADI Instructor Dane Fielder

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