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Marmion Angling and Aquatic Club

Marmion Angling and Aquatics Club (MAAC) reefs

Sunday morning club dive 20th Jan 2019 

Three days of decreasing winds and favourable direction prior to Sunday showed promise of good conditions north of the river and our sights were set on WA’s first marine sanctuary; the Marmion marine park.

Marmion Marine Park Club Dive

After a quick breakfast, 19 divers hit the road earlier than usual to try beat the rush and frustratingly still found ourselves jostling with the crowds rushing to take an early dip in anticipation of similar +40oC temperatures of the day before.

Whilst the residual surge wasn’t helping the visibility it certainly provided an opportunity for some honing of fin-donning skills when it came to entry and exiting. Impressively, the vast majority took advantage of this rare excursion and toughed it out for the full hour. I take my hat off to the less experienced divers who persevered and rightly deserve the specialty skill rating of ‘washing machine’ diver.

In all it provided a taster of the fantastic array of fish species in the marine park, and I managed to snap some great specimens in amongst some impressive overhangs and swim throughs and certainly intend to return when conditions are more ideal. In view of the exposed nature of the Marmion reefs however, both realistically and unfortunately that really means when its ZERO swell and snooker table flat.

Martin Crossley – PADI Instructor

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