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Master Scuba Diver Challenge is on now!

written by Ian “Destructor” Ross – Perth Scuba InstructorIan Destructor Ross Perth Scuba Instructor

I am really excited about the Master Scuba Diver Challenge. I think it is an excellent qualification being the highest in the non-professional stream. Whilst myself going onto a Professional qualification, that I have enjoyed as a fun part time career and also in the way I have met so many really cool people. I very much appreciate divers that devote their time to the recreational aspects and skill development of diving.

The longer I have been instructing the more excited I get about The Master Scuba Diver Qualification. It guides divers to a thorough understanding of diving in a safe manner. Having seen many aspects of diving I have become a strong advocate of a statement I first heard as a casual comment from a Staff Instructor when I was doing my IDC and that was “Every diver should be trained to the Rescue Diver level” at the time I didn’t realise what an insightful comment that was!

I suppose at the time I could see people’s rationale thinking ‘well I don’t want to dive deep’ and ‘I already know how to dive and that is all I need’ etc but, like many things a greater appreciation and relaxation comes from an activity when you are confident and know how to handle any situation that may come up.

Which brings me back to the Master Scuba Diver qualification. The completion of it includes Open Water, Advanced Open Water, Rescue Diver, 50 logged dives plus 5 specialties I won’t list them all but they focus on the safety, practical and fun aspects of diving, All these together makes it a very worthwhile qualification to hold.

I will conclude by again promoting that comment ‘Every diver should be trained to the Rescue Diver level’ and I would encourage divers to progress at least to that level. I will also add that you will not be ‘jumping the gun’ by moving onto the Rescue course as soon as possible. Many Open Water divers think, as I did, that they need experience before going on through the advanced and rescue courses. But the skillset you learn is that of being more confident in your abilities and being able to keep yourself safe in an emergency or while helping others should that need arise. To me it just seems extremely sensible given the environment in which we operate.

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