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Matt’s Ningaloo Weekender

Day 3 – Ningaloo Weekender

There was an early snorkel for those that were up for it seeing lots of sharks. We headed off to the 1st dive site of the day, continuing the trawling on the way. This saw Scott land a very nice sized Spanish mackerel & Hayden to hook something really big only to have something even bigger (& hungrier) to take it and snap the line…

Dive 1 – Colosseum: The visibility was 23-25m. We hadn’t even started descending when we saw our first shark. Throughout the dive we saw reef sharks, giant trevally, spanish makerel, all while trying to play with my camera I almost had a head on with a tawny nurse shark. We also saw lost of soft and hard corals and nudibranchs.

On the way to the next dive site we were graced with lots of Humpback whales breaching and playing around the boat. Two whales were coming within a metre of the boat and another pod of at least 10 whales. We did another spot of fishing where Doswell hooked on but lost a fish near the boat. He dropped the line back in and in less than 30 seconds had another hit managing to land an even bigger Spanish mackerel.

Dive 2 – Labyrinth: The vis was 10-15m with only a shallow dive site of 8metres. There was an abundance of coral bommies, caves and swim throughs. Saw lots of schools of different fish. Plus what looked like a baby barracuda & an extremely large Logger Head Turtle – BIGGER than me!

Dive 3 – Porites: 15m visibility, 8m in depth and a terrible 24°C… Great night dive where we saw lots of big crayfish, 3 HUGE cuttlefish. A tawny nurse shark casually swimming through the group, followed by lots of squid on the surface.

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