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Matt’s Ningaloo Weekender

Day 4 – Ningaloo Weekender

We headed to the 1st site called Oyster Bridge. A beautiful snorkel that was 2metres deep. We saw wobbegong, octopus and LOTS of Anemone fish – HELLO NEMO!

We went on the prowl for some Manta’s, about 10 minutes in we saw our 1st Manta. Jumped in and while we were snorkeling we were greeted by a HAMMERHEAD! Moved on and saw heaps more feeding and surfaced to jump in again!

Dive 1 – Asho’s Gap: 10 metres deep with 10 metres viz. To finish it off we dived with 10 reef sharks….

That was it. We departed the Shore Thing vessel and headed back to Perth. What an awesome adventure and looking forward to the next Perth Scuba weekender… Where to next?

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