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Matt’s Ningaloo Weekender

Day 1 – Ningaloo Weekender

After a looooooong drive, we arrived 2 hours early and decided to taste the local cuisine (fish & chips) at the pub while waiting for the boat. When we arrived at the boat ramp there was a HUGE potato cod that came for a visit. We jumped in the water to take some photos and swim with the giant friendly fish. Once on board, we were given the grand tour of “Shore Thing” whilst heading to the first dive site.

Our first snorkel for the afternoon saw Eagle Rays, Reef Sharks and LOTS of different fish types. The 1st dive was a night dive with beautiful clear water where we saw turtles, eels, blue spotted rays, octopus, banded shrimp, cleaner shrimp, puffer fish, a really ugly worm, lots of fish, a grouper…. This was all in Lannies Lagoon!

We jumped out of the water ready for our gourmet dinner & drinks, capping off our 1st day beautifully.

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