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Message from a Dive Master on World Ocean Day

Diving is my passion and I’m very lucky to say, also my job.

One of the best parts of my job is taking people for their first dive in a marine sanctuary, and seeing the amazed look on their faces when they break the surface after the dive. It reminds me of my first dive and why I fell love with the sport.
Esperance Western Australia Photograph by Johanna Pool
In marine sanctuaries, marine life is in original condition and the water is teaming with life – there’s swirls of big barracuda, trevally or mackerel, giant blue gropers; dive spots with lazy turtles watching from reefs, patrolled by harmless reef sharks. There’s every colour you can imagine – corals, spotted eels, blue devils, eagle rays and the tiniest of seahorses.

Unfortunately these days many spots outside of sanctuaries have been fished out and there’s almost nothing left to see.

I often get asked ‘why can’t there be more protected sanctuaries’. Well, there can be.

That’s why I’m a big supporter of Save Our Marine Life and offered to write you this email.

Big decisions about protecting our oceans currently hang in the balance. The guys at Save Our Marine Life tell me there’s one person in Government who really ‘gets’ this issue and can do something about it – he’s our new Foreign Minister, Senator Bob Carr, who has an awesome reputation for protecting nature. You should see what he’s said in the media about our oceans!

Today, on international World Oceans Day, Save Our Marine Life is asking us to send a message to Senator Bob Carr encouraging him to push this campaign for sanctuaries over the line.

So please join me in taking action and writing a personal message to Senator Bob Carr. It’ll only take a couple of minutes, and it definitely sounds like its the best thing we can do to help save our marine life.

Thanks and regards,

Lee Johnson

Manager – Perth Scuba

On behalf of Save Our Marine Life

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