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Mixers optional at Blue Lagoon beach bar


Truk Lagoon Dive Tour 2016

Day 3 in Truk down and today we dived the Yamigeri and the Shinkoku Maru. Both great dives with the Yamigeri winning the votes from the divers this time. Harriet was happy to be diving the hospital ship (Shinkoku) but want able to identify all of the bones on the operating table. Pfft! The famous Yamigeri skull was a hit with our guide Mackenzie taking us through the wreck reverse (no we didn’t swim backwards) – but we went into the hold of the wreck and worked out way up and through the wreck engine rooms until we got to the impact zone where the torpedo hit and sent the poor guy in the engine room at the time across the wall with so much force, his skull is embedded in the steel wall behind the impact zone.

This wreck is on its side so it makes for a very interesting dive. So far we have lost (and amazingly recovered) 2 go pros and 3 torches. One of the go pros was attached to $1400 worth of stand, lights and flip filters. Needless to say – there was a very happy camper when that one was returned to its rightful owner.
The antics continue top side with our youngest guests discovered that the beach side bar doesn’t like to give away too much in the way of mixers with their alcohol.
The Long Island ice tea is definitely sorting the men from the boys. All have been good though – drinking early, stopping when they need to and following up with loads of water. :)

20160618_104251_resized-1-169x300Today brought us rain, rain and a bit more rain.

It was all good though – rain in 30 degrees air temp and 29 degree water… We’ll put up with the rain thanks!

written by Lee Johnson – Perth Scuba Tour Leader

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