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Narcosis, Sharks, 42 metre deep wrecks and a Birthday party… how was your long weekend?

Narcosis, Sharks, 42 metre deep wrecks and a Birthday party… how was your long weekend?

Last weekend was the first of our trips to Lancelin to dive the Key Biscayne for the year and thankfully the weather gods were again on our side! 

Over 100 divers headed out to dive this iconic and awesome dive wreck over the 3 days and no one was disappointed.

After a 5 hour trip up to Lancelin, Blue Destiny skippered by our one and only Travis “Beaker” Simmons and technical diving instructor and guru Joseph Bicanic, the mooring line was attached to the Key Biscayne ready for a great few days of diving.

The Key Biscayne is / was a Jack up style Oil Rig which flipped over and sank in a storm while being towed to Fremantle for a refit back in 1983. Now she sits in 42 metres of water and has become the home of many species of fish, sharks, Crayfish and soft corals. The depth of this wreck gives you only a short time on the bottom but because of this, it leaves you wanting to go back down to explore even more!

The growth on the wreck is spectacular and there is so much there to investigate. You spend a lot of time working out what you are looking at and imagining what it would have looked like before that fateful day. Plenty of Crayfish were caught and everyone was lucky enough to see lots of Grey Nurse sharks, Wobbegongs and Port Jackson sharks which made everyone leave with smiles on their faces.

As the weekend progressed the weather just got better until we had a glass off on Tuesday as we enjoyed some of the best diving weather of the year. The visibility just kept getting better and for the first time we have ever been able to (in 14 years), we got to do a night dive! 

For those of you who have yet to see the footage of the night dive watching Joey and Joseph being attacked by Skip Jack Trevally at 40m but thankfully they lived to bring back the footage fully inclusive of squeals as each one hit them. You can see it on the Blue Destiny Face book page. The wreck at night is just as awesome as day time in not better, only there’s even more marine life appearing at night too.

Day 3 was Lee’s birthday and he was treated to birthday cake (supplied by Pinky) and as we were diving – a glass of Travis made lemon, lime bitters. Everyone sang Happy Birthday and Lee said that after hearing that song 20 times before, he was now looking forward to being 22. (Yeah right!)

Another fantastic long weekend of diving!  Thanks to the Blue Destiny crew and to everyone who joined us on the Key Biscayne weekender. The trip was a great success and we are all looking forward to our next trip in October for “Wrecktober”  Make sure you don’t miss out!

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