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New Australian Marine Reserves at Risk

In June we celebrated a major ocean protection victory – Australia declared the world’s largest network of marine reserves including the second largest marine national park. Hammer head shark

Now we are at risk of losing the ocean protection we worked so hard to gain. As a diver with a strong stake in a healthy ocean, you can help Australian marine life keep the protection it deserves through two easy steps:

1. Ask Environment Minister Tony Burke to stand firm and protect our marine reserves. Use the comments field to tell the Minister how important a healthy marine environment is to your business and the staff you employ.

2. Forward the message below to your friends so they can have their say.

The current consultation period should be a formality after the overwhelming public support shown during the 90 day consultation period earlier this year. But groups opposed to ocean protection are working hard to have the new marine reserves overturned. Please add your voice to protect our marine reserves.

Thanks for your support!
David Roe
Marine Conservation Officer
Project AWARE Foundation

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