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New faces explore Blackwall Reach

Perth scuba’s weekly night dive for Wednesday 17/2/16 was blackwall reach. The original plan was for a trip to Rotto for a night dive but sadly this got canned due to the very high winds and windy it was! even on the river it was blowing like mad. We had 15 divers including myself and good few new faces which was good.


We all entered the water together and everyone decided to make the swim along to the cliff face to dive the wrecks on offer. We descended on the buoy next to the sunken barge, inevitably the visibility got stirred up pretty quickly by all the divers. I managed to get my three clear of the silt cloud and we went for a good look around the barge. We saw Leatherjackets, seahorses, Cobbler, Cuttlefish, Gobbleguts and Stripey just to name a few.

From the wreck we moved out across the riverbed at around the 14m mark, her we didn’t find much just silt and the odd blue swimmer crab, so we moved up towards the shallows and followed the 10m contour line on the bank. Here we found numerous pieces of junk, tyres and mooring lines all acting like havens for marine life. After this we went shallower still and checked out the base of the cliffs at around 5m depth. This area is great with lots of hiding spots for flathead, blennys, juvenile snapper and the odd small sized prawn. In amongst the weeds further down near to the beach we saw heaps of seahorses and a lone Scorpion fish.

It was pretty clear that everyone enjoyed the dive and most got a saw at least one of the wrecks on offer. Next week fingers crossed we are having another attempt at night diving at rottnest, weather permitting.

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