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Night diving in a different light

Ever heard of Fluoro Diving? Maybe you’ve heard about Fluo Diving? Blue light diving? Ever wondered what we’re on about when we speak about Fluo Diving? Well, here’s a bit of information to help you understand what’s the go with this different form of night diving.

The allure of a night dive is exciting to see the transformation of critters during the day to a whole new role at night. Plus, any dive site you visit during the day will have an entirely different ecosystem at night. Corals wake up to feed as the lights go out. Different fish find their hidey holes to shy away from your dive torch and the whole reef blazes with the colour everytime your torch beam lances across its surface.

Have you considered a different spin on your current night diving? You could find yourself in a whole new world by using a Blue Light underwater to see what underwater fluorescence is all about. Corals, anemones, decorator crabs, ghost pipe fish and moray eels are just a few of the critters that glow under a Nightsea Dive Light. The fluorescent colours range from green, yellow, orange and even all the way to pink! Found a boring nudibranch during the day? At night under a Nightsea light that could all change with fluoro colours and patterns.

Want to experience this for yourself? Perth Scuba runs monthly Discover Fluoro Night Dives with one of our friendly staff – check out the video below of what you may see and then book your spot on an upcoming evening surrounded by a different glow.

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