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New Years Day Dive

Jan ’12
8:30 am

Natural light photography by Joey PoolLee, Joey and a dozen of the true Perth Scuba dive enthusiasts all met up at 8.30am for a Sunday Morning Shore Dive at the Ammunition Jetty, Woodmans Point.

It was a beautiful day and loads of families were already camped out on the multitude of tables and shelters to choose from at the park. Lee set himself up with the esky and barbecue whilst the rest of us kitted up our gear and headed into the blue.Ammunition jetty coral pilon growth by Joey Pool

The water was a lovely 23 degrees and visilibility wasn’t too bad either. Most of us had camera’s in hand, including Joey who was trying out a new Nikkor 10-24mm wide angle lens on her D300 dSLR camera.

We saw lots of little baby octupus – so cute! – plus plenty of different types of nudibranch, leather jackets and fast moving yellow tail schools swimming madly between the pilons. Joey stuck to the shallows of the jetty as that’s where the best coral growth and light can be found. Plus you don’t stir up the bottom for your fellow underwater photographers diving with you :)

As Adam Booth said “It was the best dive of the year!” and it was at the time!!!

We wound up our dive after about an hour and then headed up the BBQ where Lee had started cooking our lunch – what a man! We all enjoyed our sausage & steak and then followed it up with a Krispy Kreme donut kindly donated by Peter Tulk – thanks Peter!

Adam Booth at Ammunition jetty by Joey PoolLook forward to seeing you all on the next Sunday Club Dive coming up on 8th January, meeting at Perth Scuba at 8:30am.

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