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Perth Scuba News Issue 122

Welcome to the second edition of the new look Perth Scuba Newsletter! If you hadn’t noticed Perth Scuba’s been getting a massive makeover as well as an expansion into the adjacent shop. Our website has also been given a touch up, so if you haven’t checked it out lately, jump on and have a look.

It’s looking like an awesome weekend out on the water, so make sure you don’t miss our free Club Dive on Sunday morning. Meet at Perth Scuba @ 9am for your free bacon and egg brekkie before your shore dive – everyone is welcome!

Missed last week’s newsletter? Then Click here to read last week’s issue.

Perth Scuba News – Issue 122 – 30th October 2010


Don’t miss the Perth Scuba non diving event of THE YEAR! This is a party you don’t want to miss, we provide the vessel to cruise on the Swan River, we bring the food, the icy cold drinks, Joey jelly shots (wouldn’t be a party without them!) PLUS the Perth Scuba Slushy Machine makes an appearance – oh yeah, not for the faint hearted.

Places are strictly limited so hurry and book your place before you miss out. The Christmas Party departs the South Perth foreshore on Saturday 4 December 2010. You can be a guest on this evening of fun by calling us on 9455 4448 or emailing [email protected] and securing your place with payment in full.

It’s only $140 and includes your 4 hour cruise on the Swan River, plenty of food, beer, wine, alco-pops (Lee & Joey’s favourites!), joey jelly shots + the slushie machine. Arrange a lift because you WILL NOT be driving!

Perth Scuba Christmas Cruise Party


Our PHOTO COMPETITION finalists have been selected by Gary Brennand and Joey Pool. Let me tell you it’s been very difficult to select this year with the quality of the entrants. Thank you to everyone who made the effort to enter their photographs in this year’s competition. 

Okay, so the big decision is yet to come for the winners of the FIRST, SECOND and THIRD prizes. This is how it’s going to work – ALL our finalist photographs (20 in total) have been added to the Perth Scuba Facebook Page. The images with the most likes at the end of the week will be the winners! Why are we doing it this way? Well of course, everyone who votes can only vote for each image once. Entrants are also free to vote for themselves too – you’re always your own biggest critic afterall!

Click here to head to the Perth Scuba Photography Competition Finalists and select your favourite. Remember, there will only be ONE major prize winner – if there’s a draw between finalists – Gary and Joey will select the photograph they believe is the best.

Perth Scuba Website goes LIVE!

For those of you who have been on the Perth Scuba website lately, you would have noticed a new look and a lot of changes.

Joey and I decided that a change is as good as a holiday and since we weren’t going to get the holiday anytime soon, we opted for the change. Joey has been working tirelessly to get the website up to the level it was before. (And better of course), and there is still a lot more that we will be adding over the upcoming weeks. The online shop will be bigger and better than ever before (with stacks of cool stuff going in there), New dive sites both at shore level and boat co-ordinates will be added weekly for those of you wanting to try out something new.

You can have your input with the Perth Scuba Blog, or you can just see what everyone else is up to. The photo gallery is expanding by the day and we expect it to just keep on doing that – thanks to Joey, Gary and all of the Manta Clubbies who send us in their photos. There will be more spot prizes and some really cool competitions coming up.

If you haven’t been there yet, check it out and if you have any suggestions that you would like us to put on the website, let us know. We’d love to make our website how you want it.


SUNDAY MORNING FREE CLUB DIVE 31-Oct-2010 @ 9am Learn how to catch crayfish with "Great White Hunter" Lee Johnson on Wednesday 10th November!

Sunday is looking to be a sunny 28 degree day tomorrow, so what better time to come out and dive with us. Meet at Perth Scuba at 9am for your dive briefing and free BBQ breakfast. Then we’ll head to the spot of the day where we’ll hunt down lots of curious critters – don’t forget to bring your camera!!!


Join Lee and Joey on this magnificent exploration of the Galapagos Islands off the coast of Ecuador, South America. We’ll enjoy the luxury of the Humboldt Explorer for 7 nights whilst we cruise the islands, diving the clear blue waters that about with huge and abundant marine life including whale sharks, schools of hundreds of hammerhead sharks, Galapagos sharks, silky sharks, playful sealions and even penguins! Plus we’ll explore the islands for the Giant Galapagos Tortoise and Marine Iguanas. This is a world renowned location and Lee and Joey will be giving you all the trip information on Wednesday evening. Come and enjoy our presentation, a few drinks and nibblies while we show you what Galapagos has to offer as your next dive holiday destination. Email [email protected] to let us know you’ll be there.


Haven’t been for a dive in a while? Not sure you remember how to put your gear together correctly? Lost the confidence you once had in the water? Then come along to our FREE Refresher morning where our qualified Dive Masters and Instructors will take you into the water and refresh your SCUBA skills.

CRAYFISH INFORMATION EVENING Wednesday 10-Nov-2010 @ 7pm

Lee “The Great White Hunter” will be showing you how to catch the yummy and tricky WA Rock Lobster (otherwise known as lunch!). Come along to this free information evening where we’ll give you all the information about applying for your Crayfish licence, what equipment you need, restrictions, and best of all, HOW TO CATCH THEM!


ADVANCED OPEN WATER COURSE $ 325 Palau departing 25 April 2011

Saturday 5-Nov-2010     Saturday 19-Nov-2010     Saturday 3-Dec-2010

Learn while experiencing 5 fun and rewarding dives. The PADI Advanced Open Water course gives you the chance to try out 5 different types of dives whilst teaching you some really important skills. This course is great to carry on with straight after your Open Water to build confidence and keep you in the water.



Become the best dive buddy you can be with Perth Scuba! This is the most rewarding course that you can do that builds your confidence and helps you anticipate and solve problems that can be encountered on a dive.Palau


It’s so important to know what to do in an emergency situation. Perth Scuba can teach you what to do in an emergency situation. You could help a loved one, a friend, a family member or a complete stranger – this course shows you what to do.



6-Nov-2010 or 27-Nov-2010Perth Scuba Technical Diving Course

The TDI Intro to Tech course is the perfect course for divers who have heard about technical diving and want to find out more about this exciting branch of advanced recreational diving. This course walks students through the special techniques, planning procedures and skills that set technical diving apart from traditional sport diving. It will show them how to improve their dive planning methods, in-water skills and streamline their existing gear configuration, in a non-threatening and fun learning environment.



With the nitrox diver course you learnt to utilize nitrox mixes with oxygen content up to a maximum of 40% to extend your bottom times safely beyond that of traditional air diving. After undertaking the advanced nitrox course you will have a greater understanding of the physics and physiology of nitrox diving and will use optimal mixes for extending no-decompression diving to a maximum depth of 40 metres – in other words MORE BOTTOM TIME. Upon certification you can use nitrox mixes up to 100% oxygen for dives not requiring decompression.

PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy


Wednesday evening 17-Nov-2010

Enriched Air (NITROX) is a great way to extend your bottom time by increasing your no decompression limits. By mixing a higher percentage of Oxygen in your cylinder (air contains 21%) to between 32 and 36% you can almost double your available dive time at certain depths. Learn how to set your dive computer to use Enriched Air. Learn what percentage is best for the depth you are planning to dive and learn how to analyse the contents of your Scuba Cylinder.


Saturday 6-Nov-2010

Mastering your Buoyancy is one of the most important achievements you will make in your diving career. To be able to hover without motion, to use the air in your lungs to control your buoyancy and be able to reduce the amount of lead weight you dive with are all very much within reach for the Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialist. Join Jodie PalauBond on this great value course by calling 9455 4448.


Saturday 13-Nov-2010

Want to learn how your Dive Master or Instructor always gets you back to the boat without a long swim? Well look no further. The PADI Underwater Navigation course will have you landing back to your starting point after just one day of training. Join Ian “Destructor” Ross on this invaluable course that gets you back to the boat!


Saturday 20-Nov-2010

Discovering and Exploring mysterious wrecks is something which every diver at some time dreams about. Every Wreck is a time capsule. The exact time and  place in history where circumstances placed these wrecks on the ocean floor can be seen and explored by wreck divers. Become A Perth Scuba PADI Wreck Diver specialist today and Palau Wreck Divinguncover some of the mysteries of the deep. This course will be run over two days with 2 dives on the HMAS Swan wreck, located in Dunsborough and taught by Instructor Glenn Storey.


Saturday 20-Nov-2010

Every Diver wants to go deep! A deep dive is always going to get the adrenalin flowing and what better way to do that than in the safe hands of one of Perth Scuba’s Elite Instructors. From your Advanced course (prerequisite), you will remember that things are a whole lot different at depth. Well – we are going to stretch the boundaries even more now! This course will be run over two days with 2 dives on the HMAS Swan wreck, located in Dunsborough and taught by Michael Doswell.


Saturday 27-Nov-2010Palau

The Equipment Specialty is a classroom based course where you will learn all kinds of equipment styles and configurations. You will learn “field repairs” for those times when a leak is out to spoil your day, how regulators work and what the difference between a balanced regulator is as opposed to a non balanced regulator. Learn how to disassemble your second stage and learn how cylinder valves work. Did you ever wonder how cylinders are made? This is the course for you!


Saturday 27-Nov-2010

What better place to learn to do a Digital Under Water Photography course than Perth Scuba?

With 2 professional and award winning underwater photographers on staff and Perth’s best range of underwater photographic equipment in store, Perth Scuba is THE best place to learn. We have camera’s available for hire or you can bring your own to learn with on your course.

Join Perth Scuba on any of our fun and rewarding dive courses. Call us on 9455 4448 or email [email protected] to secure your place – places are filling fast so don’t miss your chance!!!


Our Technical Diving Instructor extraordinaire, Marc Van der Poel, has been teaching up a storm the past two weekends on our Technical diving courses. Our crew of students even headed down to Dunsborough on Saturday & Sunday of last weekend and enjoyed two dives on the HMAS Swan and two deep dives on the reefs of Dunsborough. Lee Perth Scuba Technical Diving Courseand Joey were lucky enough to join them on their Saturday dives on the wreck. To check out the photos from the day click here.

We are only a couple of weeks away from unveiling our all new Perth Scuba Tek store and I have to tell you it’s been a long time coming. We have been working behind the scenes to make sure all of our Instructors are ready to begin teaching the world of Tek Diving. Headed up by Tek Instructor guru Marc Van der Poel, the Perth Scuba team of Instructors is ready to take you through the paces and show you all the cool stuff that waits. Caves, Caverns, Deep wrecks and a whole lot more are ready for you to explore. Learn how to do full decompression dives and learn how to reduce the time you spend on the “deco” bar using higher percentage oxygen in your additional “bail out” stage bottle. Learn how to use all of the equipment designed to make technical diving that much easier. The cool part about these courses is that you don’t have to be a real tekkie to try it out. Perth Scuba will soon be doing intro to Tek dive courses – a 2 day course that will have you “twinning up” Perth Scuba Technical Diving Course(using twin set cylinders with manifolds) and doing all the stuff the teckies do in the comfort of a swimming pool at first then out for a couple of dives after that. Its great fun and you can even impress your mates on Face Book with your very own photo of you in your Tek “rig”.

Keep posted in the Manta Club Newsletter for upcoming intro dates. For those of you who just want to get straight into it… The courses will be advertised over the next couple of weeks too!

Tek Diving… For when one tank just isn’t enough!

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