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Perth Scuba News Issue 182

Perth Scuba News Issue 182 – 30 June 2012   Can’t view the Perth Scuba newsletter? View it in your browser

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The Crew Return from Papau New GuineaPerth Scuba Kavieng Papau New Guinea Dive Tour

written by Mike Doswell – Perth Scuba PADI Instructor

I can’t say I was excited to walk into the cold weather at 12am in Perth upon returning from another fantastic diving trip, I have just spent the last 8 days in the northern islands of Papua New Guinea with 6 others diving to our hearts content and here is the goss’.

We were flying from Brisbane to Port Moresby with a crew of 7 consisting of 2 Guys and 5 Girls (good ratios), for 5 of them at least this was their first Perth Scuba Dive trip and also some of their first dives since completing the PADI Open Water Course earlier this year.

We all met up in the departure lounge eagerly awaiting our boarding call for our Air Nuigini flight, which we now refer to as Air Unreliable. Our flight was on time and in fact very pleasant with plenty of space for u all to have a row each, upon arriving in Port Moresby the plan was simply, collect our luggage and transfer to the domestic airport for our flight to Kavieng, that went smooth enough but it wasn’t until we sat waiting for a flight to board that on the notice board it suddenly appeared our flight has been cancelled, thankfully having travelled through here previously I had a good idea what to do, so I made a straight line towards the service counter on the check in side of the airport. It was a clever move because not 2 minutes later I was pressed up against the glass with 60 locals behind me yelling at the guy behind the counter. To cut this bit short, it took me over 2 hours standing at the counter to get 7 vouchers for us to be put up for the night as well as meals and transfers before our flight would depart again at 4am the next morning.  On the upside we were staying at the Crown Plaza and it did include a nice meal as well as a scenic drive through Port Moresby Papau New Guinea diving travel Perth Scubawhich neither of us had been through previously. As almost everyone had been flying over the past 36 hrs it really was a case of food and sleep before having to get up at 2am to catch our flight. Thankfully our flight left on time and again it was a spacious trip, we flew direct to Kavieng which was just over an hours fly time and finally we were there!

In order to get to Nusa Island Retreat we had to ride in the truck and take a small boat across to the Little Nusa Island before we were greeted by Sean, one of the owners of the retreat, after a quick run down of the retreat and well earned breakfast the girls were off to catch some ZZZ’s. Cara from Scuba Ventures had come across to see us as we were expected to be diving that morning, we decided that an afternoon of diving was a better option, with a few hours for people to chillax.

Nusa Island Retreat was originally set up as a surfers retreat. Brother and sister Sean and Shannon who run Nusa Island Retreat have spent the last decade really turning what was a camp site into a true tropical hide away. All the accommodation and buildings are built in true PNG style with woven walls and leaves for roofing all sitting on stilts, their location and sizes range from a small couple sized building to a large 6 person 2 storey house, some are set towards the back of the property while others sit over the blue waters surrounding the Island. The whole place is designed around being eco and local friendly, it uses self composting toilets, filtered rain water for drinking and well water for showers, there are no TV’s, no Internet access and only fans in the rooms, however there is more than enough cold beer or cocktails, hammocks to lay in or water to swim in to be more than comfortable.  It’s fantastic to simplify because it really lets you stop and relax, it gives you a chance to chat with the locals and other patrons staying or interact with the variety of wildlife which now calls the retreat home. The whole place centers around the restaurant and bar, with its huge open air design and large benches, it makes it central for everyone to hang out while deciding which activity to take on.  Nusa has a large range of fun things to do including, fishing, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, surfing, tours, snorkeling and even table tennis.

For more of our adventure and trip photos click here.

Kosrae the hidden jewel of Micronesia

NEW Underwater Digital Video Distinctive Specialty Perth Scuba PADI Digital Videography Distinctive Specialty

Introducing your Instructor Joseph “Daddy-Mac” Bicanic

I am Joseph Bicanic and I love my underwater Videography. I started diving in 1999 whilst on Holidays with my children on Heron Island in Queensland. Since then I have become obsessed with all things related to Scuba Diving  – Especially Underwater Videography.

With this in mind I have written two “PADI APPROVED” Underwater Video Distinctive Specialties. These are two courses (Levels) that flow on from each other. Level 1 is aimed at the Scuba Diver wanting to learn the basics of underwater videography and making short movies for sharing via the web or mobile media. Level 2 delves more deeply into camera moves, story creation, a greater degree of editing and producing a completed DVD or BluRay. Upon completion of each course students receive the PADI Certification Card for that course.

I started off in video after several years of fun diving when I wanted to find a way to share the underwater experience with my family and friends that did not dive. Video was the obvious choice.  In 2002 I bought my first Video Camera, a little Standard Definition JVC Camcorder and its accompanying plastic housing rated to 30 meters. At the time I thought it was all I would ever need (and at the time it was).

Since then I have upgraded to a professional level Sony HD Video Camera in an Amphibico housing and unless I am teaching or catching crayfish, it is a rarity to catch me diving without my Video Unit.

My footage is aired on the locally produced TV show “The Water”, ABC TV and I have done contract underwater videography work as well. I also have a library of Video’s from local, interstate and international destinations.

My passion and hobby has turned into a part time job which I love. I hope to see you on my next course so that you too can learn how to share your diving experiences. Joseph’s Level 1 Underwater Digital Videography Course starts on Saturday 28th July, for bookings and full course information packs contact us.

Next Underwater Digital Videography Course Saturday 28th – Sunday 29th July BOOK NOW!

Night Diver SpecialtyPort jackson shark crab pot Ammunition jetty by Johanna Pool

What goes flash and blows bubbles in the night? You can with us!

Night diving is great fun and a fantastic way to get more diving into your week on a busy schedule. Join Andy “ScubaGod” Goddard over two nights of fun and adventure into new depths. So what will you accomplish on your Night Diver Course?

  • Learn how to use that dial with numbers and a spinning red stick on your computer – YOUR COMPASS!
  • What to watch out for at night – BUMP – oops! I swear that wreck just leapt out in front of me officer!
  • Learn how to navigate naturally, watch your surroundings and return to your entry point.
  • The best equipment for the job – there’s torches and then there are TORCHES!
  • Learn how to catch PRAWNS! YUMMO!!! We’ll cook them and then eat them after your final dive. BIGGEST prawn WINS a prize!

Once you’ve completed your course you can enjoy many future evenings chasing prawns, finding nocturnal critters and seeing everything your torch light touches.

Next Night Diver Course Saturday 28th – Sunday 29th July BOOK NOW!

Advanced Nitrox and Decompression ProceduresPADI Course Director Marc van der Poel

Your Introduction to Technical Diving with Technical Instructor Trainer

Marc van der Poel

The Advanced Nitrox Course is essentially the “Open water diver” level course in Technical diving.

The objective of this course is to train you in the benefits, hazards and proper procedures for utilizing EAN-21 (Enriched Air Nitrox) through 100 percent oxygen for dives not requiring staged decompression.

We teach the course in a  twinset backmount configuration to ensure early proficiency with this type of equipment, which will be built on if progressing on to the Decompression Procedures, Advanced Wreck or Extended range diver.

Skills such as ‘START’ – the acronym for the pre-dive check in technical diving are learnt.

New Skills:

  • Valve drills- what to do in the unlikely event you have a gas failure.
  • Out of gas drills- what to do if you loose all gas.
  • Advanced buoyancy skills- so that you are able to multi task while maintaining a hover.
  • Advanced communication and awareness skills- so that you are able to communicate more effectively and accurately.

The Decompression Procedures Course is essentially the “Advanced Open water diver” level course in Technical diving, it examines the basic theory, methods and procedures of planned stage decompression diving.

The objective of this course is to train you how to plan and conduct a standard staged decompression dive not exceeding a maximum depth of 45 metres. The most common equipment requirements, equipment set-up and decompression techniques are presented. Students are permitted to use enriched air nitrox (EAN) mixes or oxygen for decompression (if they have already completed the Adv Nitrox course or if completing this as a combination) .

Some of the skills learnt on the Advanced Nitrox course are expanded on such as:

  • ‘START’  the acronym for the pre-dive check in technical diving
  • Valve drills- what to do in the unlikely event you have a gas failure.San Francisco Maru Truk Lagoon Micronesia by Johanna Pool
  • Out of gas drills- what to do if you loose all gas.
  • Advanced buoyancy skills- so that you are able to multi task (i.e. switch to decompression gas) while maintaining a hover.
  • Advanced communication and awareness skills- so that you are able to communicate more effectively and accurately.

New Skills:

  • Deploy a Surface Marker Buoy while maintaing a hover- so you are able to notify the surface of your position or potential needs.
  • General handling of a Deco cylinder- to maintain streamlining / tight hover and trim with additional equipment.
  • Gas switching while maintaining a hover- Very important skill, since breathing gas at wrong PPo2 can be very harmful.
  • Advanced task loading – competency is required here since depth and time are important on a decompression dive.

Next Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procedures Course Thursday 12th – Sunday 15th July BOOK NOW!

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