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Perth Scuba News Issue 185

Perth Scuba News Issue 185: 21st July 2012 Can’t view the Perth Scuba Newsletter? View it in your browser Find us on FacebookFollow us on TwitterProject AWARE My Ocean

Thank you for being a part of Perth Scuba’s Manta Club. We hope you enjoy this edition of the Perth Scuba News including our MASSIVE BCD Clearance Sale, Instructor Glen’s opinion on Great White Sharks in the news (and the water), last week’s night dive to Ammo Jetty and our upcoming courses and free club dives. This Sunday morning we’re off to dive the South Mole, chasing those elusive Weedy Seadragons and old bottles from the long burnt away Fremantle Jetty.

BCD Sale Perth Scuba Western Australia

Grab a bargain on all Perth Scuba’s run out models of BCD’s, including:

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Only available while stocks last!!! Can’t make it into the store? Contact us to arrange delivery.

Grey nurse shark Rottnest Island Western Australia by Johanna Pool Blue ring octopus Ammunition Jetty by Lee Kharod
Did Someone Say Shark?
Night Dive at the Ammo Jetty

Sharks… The topic that has been at the back of heads and under our noses ever since November last year. If you are like me and the rest of the Perth Scuba crew, we would love to see sharks on our dives, no matter if they are reef sharks as harmless clown fish or the more feisty bull sharks. I love getting close to my fish friends but then, I probably wouldn’t go poking a tiger shark in the eye.

I know that many open water divers going through their course are curious and sceptical about sharks but once they learn just how misunderstood they are, they really can be great to dive with. Obviously we need to be respectful of these amazing creatures. The number one reason why animals attack is out of defence. Most shark attacks are caused by mistaken identity, research shows that when humans are swimming on the surface from below – we represent the same colour and shape of a helpless seal playing on the surface.  Research indicates that some sharks have vision which is not as advanced as their sensory “vision” (The way predatory sharks sense their prey). This makes mistaken identity a very unfortunate bi product of the mixture of average vision and shadows and shapes which indicate to a shark that there is a potential meal above them. Once a shark bites – they find it very hard to process a human body because we are too bony and not very tasty, humans are the spam and tofu of a sharks diet. Because sharks find us very distasteful and horrible they will take a bite and spit it out once they discover we aren’t the fillet mignon they thought.

Because sharks don’t have the ability to touch, squeeze and feel before they bite, and unfortunately the only way they can “test” something to see whether it is edible – is to bite it. They usually leave their victims in a very bad way due to the fact that there is probably a couple of tonnes of pressure in those “test bites”.

Read more…

Last Thursday evening Joey and Lee led the Perth Scuba Crew for a night dive at the Ammunition Jetty. With not a breath of wind or sign of swell it was the perfect evening to go for a splash. We were joined by new night divers Bruce, Amanda, Corey and the experienced night diver Lee.

We all kitted up in the car park ready to head into the water… There was only one problem – one of the crew misplaced their weights (not naming any names, but Bruce you owe us a 6 pack!). Lucky Joey had brought stacks of weight for her drysuit and the pockets were transferred from the T-Black to the T-Force and then we were ready to go. Amanda got the pick of the torches and got a Sola 1200 to use on her first night dive -*flash* ahhhhh I’m blinded hehe.

Lee gave the crew the dive brief on the sand, with Joey “helping” Lee & Corey with a compass bearing and then it was time to head into the warm water. You think I’m joking? The ocean was 6 degrees warmer than standing in the carpark!!!

Our four hardy divers descended into the blue under the jetty and headed out under the pilons to find critters. It didn’t matter where Amanda went I could always see her torch, knowing her buddy would be right beside her. Whilst the viz was only a metre, the crew still saw plenty of the weird and wonderful. Lee discovered what he at first thought was a bobtail squid, only to have it wriggle about & change to a pattern of glowing blue rings – eep! A blue ring octopus!!! Lee Kharod even got a cool photo (see above) to prove it – well done Lee. And just think, you and Corey wouldn’t have ever seen it if it wasn’t for Joey’s completely wrong compass bearing that made you swim out past the jetty. *Cough cough* sorry fellas, yes, I do owe you a carton for that blunder!

Thanks for a fun night guys and girls! It was good to get out on such a still night and I’m looking forward to the next night dive soon!

Scuba dive Rottnest Island Western Australia by Johanna Pool GoPro Flip Filter
The Water is Warmer at Rotto
GoPro Dive Housing Flip Filter

Join the Perth Scuba Crew for two fun dives at Rottnest Island, including lunch. We’re heading out on the boat both Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th July to enjoy the warmer water that our offshore island has to offer.

Explore the limestone reefs covered in soft corals of all the colours of the rainbow, swim amongst darting schools of fish and admire the blue water.

Winter is THE time to enjoy Rotto. We enjoy better visibility and the wind doesn’t come up in the afternoon like it would in Summer.

Want to join us? Click here to book your place on the boat!


Arriving mid-late August 2012. Contact us or Pre-order yours today!

GoPro has released a flat lens housing for diving. We are pleased to announce a custom flip-up color correction filter (Magic Filter) for the new GoPro Dive Housing. The flip filter offers an ultra-thin anodized aluminium mount that allows users to quickly add or remove the filter for land and water use or as colour drops off with depth. The housing adapter locks securely in place without modifications to the stock GoPro Dive Housing, is easily installed by the user, and does not vignette in any shooting mode.

PADI Night Diver Specialty Perth Scuba Western Australia Perth Scuba shore dives Western Australia
Upcoming Dive Courses
Upcoming Manta Club Dives & Events

PADI Enriched Air (Nitrox) Diver

Wednesday 25th July 2012 6:00pm. Extend your no decompression time in one evening!

PADI Underwater Digital Video Distinctive Specialty – Level 1

Saturday 28th – Sunday 29th July 2012. Enter into the world of underwater videography. Learn how you can shoot great footage, edit it and share your very own productions to your friends. Joseph is an excellent underwater videographer and he can show you how to become one too!

PADI Advanced Open Water Diver

Starts evening of Friday 27th – Sunday 29th July 2012. Explore 5 different types of diving and enjoy your final day at Rottnest Island.

PADI Night Diver Specialty

Saturday 28th – Sunday 29th July 2012. Find out why night diving isn’t spooky and is so much fun! Plus catch dinner as part of your course.

PADI Equipment Specialty

Starts evening of Tuesday 7th – Wednesday 8th August 2012. Perfect for Dive Masters in training and divers who want to trouble shoot on the road. Join Lee over these two evenings and find out what’s inside your second stage, what spares should you be carrying and the tools to keep your gear well looked after!

Sunday 22nd July 2012 8:30am (Shore Dive)

The bacon and eggs will be cooking on the BBQ for our Sunday morning breakfast – can’t miss out on bacon before our dive! (terribly insensitive to vegetarians aren’t we!)

Meet Perth Scuba 180 Bannister Road, Canning Vale for your FREE BBQ breakfast followed by a drive to the best dive spot of the day – this week we’re heading to South Mole Fremantle. All levels of divers are welcome. Don’t have a buddy? Don’t worry, we’ll find you one in the morning. Need gear? You can hire or buy what you need in the morning. The forecast tomorrow is for low wind and swell, so come on out and enjoy a dive.

Wednesday 25th July 2012 7:00pm (Night Dive)

Meet Bicton Baths, Bicton for a night dive chasing prawns and crabs or taking photos of the weird and wonderful nocturnal critters. This spot has been known for its seahorses, bobtail squid, common squid and blue manna crabs. All levels of divers are welcome. Give us a call on 9455 4448 to let us know you’ll be there. Don’t forget to bring your torch! Never night dived before? We’ll find you an experienced buddy on the night.

Sunday 29th July 2012 8:30am (Shore Dive)

Meet Perth Scuba 180 Bannister Road, Canning Vale for your FREE BBQ breakfast followed by a drive to the best dive spot of the day. All levels of divers are welcome. Don’t have a buddy? Don’t worry, we’ll find you one in the morning. Need gear? You can hire or buy what you need in the morning.

To book on any of Perth Scuba’s Courses or Dive Trips email us or call 9455 4448

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