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Perth Scuba News Issue 188

Perth Scuba News Issue 188: 11th August 2012 Can’t view the Perth Scuba Newsletter? View it in your browser Find us on FacebookFollow us on TwitterProject AWARE My Ocean

Thank you for being a part of Perth Scuba’s Manta Club. We hope you enjoy this edition of the Perth Scuba News including the Underwater Festival Launch this Friday 17th August, Glen’s latest blog, our Dive Master skills day and upcoming club dive. This Sunday we’re off to The Coombe in the Swan River to find the deep wrecks – don’t forget to bring your torch!

Underwater Festival 2012
Underwater Festival 2012 – Official Fringe Event

Perth Scuba in partnership with the Western Australian Underwater Photographic Society is hosting UF12

Join the Perth Scuba and Western Australian Underwater Photographic Society for an evening about the exciting Underwater Festival running throughout September and how YOU can be a part! Everyone with an interest in Underwater Photography and Videography is invited!

Our Underwater Festival Opening Evening will give you the opportunity to learn the rules for the competition, give you ideas, see what camera gear you can try, check out last years winners and see what cool dive events you can jump on during the month of September. Perth Scuba is holding our Official Festival Fringe event in partnership with the Western Australian Underwater Photographic Society. Join us at Perth Scuba on the evening of Friday 17th August at 7:00pm.

Join the underwater snapshot of Australasia – register now!

Every dive you can imagine is a shootout locality! The top 100 images will be showcased in the Underwater Australasia gallery – last year’s Top 100 Gallery attracted over 15,000 visitors in 2 days.

Perth Scuba and WAUPS during the month of September will have exciting speakers on a broad range of topics including underwater videography, compact cameras, editing software including Adobe Photoshop, best photography travel destinations and much more to develop your underwater skills.

Want to be a part of this fun event? Click here for weekly updates on the line-up of activities

Perth Scuba Instructor Glen Outhred Perth Scuba Dive Master training Western Australia
Try New Things & Keep Diving
Dive Master Skills Circuit

written by Glen Outhred – Perth Scuba Instructor

While I was in the shop the other day I was thinking to myself, “Yes it’s winter, yes the water temp drops, but why stop diving?” If you really enjoy doing something, why not do it all the time? I was chatting to a few divers that have come into the shop saying they don’t know if they could dive in Perth again after visiting such amazing places like Borneo, Palau, Galapagos and Truk. The way Alex Grayson put it, if you took home a super model one night, would you stop going out knowing you couldn’t do better? Of course not. Good point of view by the way Alex ;)

The best way to keep in touch with the water is to try new things. This is why we run specialties courses, to keep divers learning and extending their abilities (even if they thought they couldn’t!). You don’t even have to get wet for some of them e.g. equipment specialty or nitrox. Personally I thought I’d never get into a dry suit but after trying it out, I don’t think I’ll ever get back into a wetsuit again! Haha. Again I never thought I’d be interested in any technical diving but after seeing what divers can do, how much easier it is than what I thought it was, how much of a different aspect it is (I feel like an open water student!) and how fun it really is I can see myself taking my diving to a whole new level.

Even as an instructor, there are so many things I would love to do, and you can as well! Whether it be nitrox, wreck diving, dry suit, ice-diving, night diving, search and recovery, photography, the sky is the limit (or in our case, the Challenger Deep is the limit). If you feel like you’ve done all of specialities and getting tired of the recreation side of diving, why not try your hand at something new like technical diving? Perhaps cavern diving? Side mount diving? Multi gas diving? This is the great thing about the dive industry, it can take you anywhere! You can become a photographer for National Geographic seeing the best locations across the entire world, a coast guard diver in search and recovery saving lives, run your own dive resort in the tropics, solve a mystery as a police diver, protecting your nation with navy clearance diving, try your hand at teaching as an instructor, earn the big bucks as a commercial diver such as underwater welding, film the great whites and whales for blockbuster movies as a videographer, feeding your adrenalin by diving into unexplored caves, become a treasure hunter and find a sunken wreck full of gold, explore the world’s deepest depths in the Mariana Trench. You can diving anyway you want too.

So many amazing things to do, so many beautiful locations, so many great people and most important, so many memories to last a life time!

Keep diving guys! Blow bubbles, no troubles

written by Joey Pool – Perth Scuba Assistant Instructor

On Sunday 5th August, seven of the Perth Scuba Crew were on their way to elite status by joining us to begin their PADI Dive Master Course.

The first day consisted of a Skill Circuit of 20 skills demonstrated to Instructor ability and a fitness circuit of swimming, snorkelling, tired diver tows and treading water.

We split the crew into two groups, whilst half was under the water demonstrating their scuba skills, the other half was on the surface of the water demonstrating their stamina. Oh yes, the group had a gruelling 400m swim, followed by an 800m snorkel, followed by a 100m tired diver tow in full scuba kit and finally a 15 minute tread water. And the results showed that the girls KICK BUTT when it comes to swimming. Well done Jocelyn & Lillian you nearly lapped all the blokes – go girl power!!!

Once you got the crew under the water it was great to watch them presenting the underwater skills taught in everyone’s Open Water Courses. All the crew had different strengths and weaknesses, but overall it was great to watch everyone’s hovers…. And then compare it to Andy’s! Oh the differences, but something the crew will all be working towards perfecting for that next Open Water Course!!!

Finally there’s a stress test thrown in just to see how the crew handle task loading underwater – I have some video of the guys & girls showing their stuff off – very skillful buddy pairs! It involves each buddy pair buddy breathing whilst exchanging your dive gear, including mask, fins and SCUBA unit. Oh, it sounds so devilish simple now doesn’t it? Believe me, when you’re doing it – easy it is not! Hmm guess that’s why we call it the stress test ;)

All the team put in a huge effort and came through to continue their Dive Master training. Congratulations to Valdimar, Craig, Tony, Peter, Lillian, Adam and Jocelyn on your first day as Dive Master trainees. We look forward to seeing you all soon while you continue your training on our coming Open Water Courses and continued education.

To see more photos taken from the Dive Master course training day click here.

Ever thought about taking your diving to the next level and becoming a PADI Pro? Contact us for more details on how to become a PADI Dive Master and turn your passion into a career!

GoPro Lighting Accessories Halcyon Traveller BCD Product Review
NEW GoPro Action Tray & Lights
NEW Halcyon Traveller BCD

This compact Dual Action Tray allows our SOLAS to be used effortlessly with the new generation of ultra-compact GOPRO and similar action style compact HD cameras. 

The Sola 500 is an ideal budget focusing light, ½ the size of the competition producing more light than any focus light in its price range. Its wide flood doubles as a general video light for the new class of camera with video capability, including the GoPro. Ideal for macro and fish portrait work and when you pair them up great for close focus wide angle videos.

Sola photo lights have a factory sealed body so you never need to worry about flooding. Control is accomplished through a magnetic tap switch that allows quick power changes and locks for travel.

Three indicator lights behind the bezel report the power and battery charge status. Green is fully charged, orange is getting low and red means you’re about to lose power. You get 100 minutes at full power and up to 400 minutes a the lowest power setting!

Built-in lithium-ion battery is charged through external charge ports with gold plated receivers for years of use. You never need to remove the battery and charging is easy and fast on the beach or boat.

Perth Scuba has these available in store now including 2 x Sola 500 Photo Lights, the Action Tray and GoPro Tripod Mount for only $795! Awesome value and will make a huge difference to your underwater video footage. 

written by Joey Pool – Perth Scuba Assistant Instructor

So last week I was handed a new product to try by the boss. Lee threw me the new Halcyon Traveller BCD in preparation for our upcoming trip.

With our trip to the Galapagos Islands coming up I have a great need to reduce the weight and bulk of my dive gear. When you carry the amount of camera gear I do when travelling, clothes become third fiddle as the camera takes 1st place, dive gear 2nd and clothes… Well, who needs clothes???

Past trips have had us carting heavy and bulky bags through airport terminals and cringing when we struggle to lift the dive bag onto the airlines scales to enter the lottery of how much excess we will have to pay. This time I hope to be different.

The new Halcyon Traveller merges the simplicity and lightweight appeal of smaller BC systems with the performance of a wing system. The Traveller’s unique backplate has an integrated single-tank carrier and Cinch quick-adjust system, providing a secure, lightweight, and easily adjustable BC system. This integrated system is specifically designed for single tank diving, eliminating the single-tank adaptor and keeping the tank close to the diver’s back. These unique benefits are combined with a number of other weight-reducing features, allowing the Halcyon Traveller to weigh in at only 2.5kg.

Read more…

Seahorses Western Australia Under the Sea with Tammy Gibbbs
Find the Deep Wrecks at the Coombe
Under the Sea with Tammy Gibbs

This Sunday 12th August, meet 8:30am at Perth Scuba so Josh “Awesome” Phillips can lead you to the Deep Wrecks of the Coombe.

In the Swan River, just in front of The Coombe Reserve (end of The Coombe, Mosman Bay) are two shallow wrecks (10-12m deep) and two deep wrecks (20-22m deep). This dive site is a super easy entry off the slowly sloping sand and an easy swim out to buoy #221. This is where you descend down the mooring line and arrive on top of the 10m wreck. Once you’ve explored this wreck move on a bearing of 355º towards the 12m wreck. This wreck is larger than the first and you’ll find a variety of marine life in the nooks and crannies of its hull.

Looking for the more advanced deep wrecks instead? It’s a bit of a surface swim but well worth the effort. From the concrete pipe at the corner of The Coombe Reserve, surface swim 240m following a bearing of 340º to buoy #352. Descend down the mooring line to 21m and then swim a distance of 15m along a 60º bearing to the 22m barge. This is a large boat so you’ll need plenty of time to explore – not remember to watch your no-deco limits.

We’ll have all the site maps at the store Sunday morning for more details.

Western Australian diver and 2011 ANZANG Nature Photography category winner Tammy Gibbs will reveal the secret to making the most of underwater photography in a free seminar.

Tammy will reveal how to overcome the challenges of underwater photography, share some tips for travelling with dive and camera gear, and showcase a range of her images from local and overseas dive sites.

The seminar is part of the WA Museum – Perth’s National Science Week celebrations and coincides with the ANZANG photographic exhibition currently on display at the Museum until 19th August 2012.

ANZANG is focused on the unique natural heritage of the bioregion of Australia, New Zealand, Antarctica and the New Guinea region.

The annual photography competition highlights this unique area by encouraging conservation and protection of the region’s native flora and fauna.

The seminar is free, however, bookings are required on 9427 2792. School groups are more than welcome.

PADI Rescue Diver Perth Scuba Western Australia Perth Scuba shore dives Western Australia
Upcoming Dive Courses
Upcoming Manta Club Dives & Events

PADI Enriched Air (Nitrox) Diver

Thursday 30th August 2012 6:00pm. Extend your no decompression time in one evening! Diving with Enriched Air Nitrox gives you better bottom times, a greater safety margin plus you get out of the water feeling great! Plus, Perth Scuba banks 36% Nitrox so you can get a Nitrox fill in under 5 minutes at our store – without needing an O2 clean cylinder!

PADI Advanced Open Water Diver

Starts evening of Friday 24th – Sunday 26th August 2012. Get 5 fun and different styles of diving under your weight belt! Enjoy 2 boat dives to Rottnest Island and 3 shore dives to explore the underwater world. Plus try out night diving under the supervision of our qualified Instructors. Gain more confidence in your diving and be certified to dive to 30 meters!

PADI Rescue Diver

One of the MOST rewarding courses you will ever take part in. This is the course to build confidence as a diver and KNOW you can help yourself or your buddy. Jump onto this fun, exhausting and exhilarating course on Saturday 18th – Sunday 19th August 2012. You must already be an Advanced Open Water diver to be able to start this course.

Wednesday 15th August 2012 7:00pm (Night Dive)

Meet Bicton Baths, Bicton for a night dive chasing prawns and crabs or taking photos of the weird and wonderful nocturnal critters. This spot is known for its big tiger prawns and weird and wonderful nocturnal critters – including bobtail squid! All levels of divers are welcome. Give us a call on 9455 4448 to let us know you’ll be there. Don’t forget to bring your torch! Never night dived before? We’ll find you an experienced buddy on the night.

Friday 17th August 2012 7:00pm (Event)

Join us at Perth Scuba, 180 Bannister Road, Canning Vale for our Opening Evening of the Underwater Festival. Learn the rules, meet some of the special guest speakers and check out the underwater photography and videography event line up coming in September. All divers and non-divers welcome to this special event.

Sunday 19th August 2012 8:30am (Shore Dive)

Meet Perth Scuba 180 Bannister Road, Canning Vale for your FREE BBQ breakfast followed by a drive to the best dive spot of the day. All levels of divers are welcome. Don’t have a buddy? Don’t worry, we’ll find you one in the morning. Need gear? You can hire or buy what you need in the morning.

To book on any of Perth Scuba’s Courses or Dive Trips email us or call 9455 4448

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