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Perth Scuba News Issue 197

Perth Scuba Newsletter
Perth Scuba News Issue 197: 9th December 2012 Can’t view the Perth Scuba Newsletter? View it in your browser Find us on FacebookFollow us on TwitterProject AWARE My Ocean

Welcome to another edition of Perth Scuba’s Newsletter! Now that the hangovers from the Perth Scuba Christmas Party have abated it’s time to share some photos from the evening – it was great fun and we thank everyone who joined us for an awesome night out! Scroll down for some of the pictures and highlights from the night!

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Perth Scuba PADI Instructor Ian Ross Christmas Gift Ideas
Dive Master’s in Training
Give the Gift that lasts a Lifetime

written by Ian “Destructor” Ross – Perth Scuba Instructor

Well done Chanel, Lani and Rick for a fantastic DM skills day. The guys romped through completing all requirement plus a few more. This continues a trend lately of seeing some excellent candidates coming through the program. Despite a few cramps setting in and one or two discovering that even the heated pool can get a bit chilly after an hour or so the day went off without a hitch. Thanks to Chanel for keeping an eye on the time but we will never talk about that again J sorry we didn’t get a go on the inflatable pool rocket.

Moving forward guy and gals keep your eyes on the instructor (buy them food so they won’t bite) and the students and pick up as many good tips as you can. The DM course is a really good time and you learn so much about the practical application of training.

For more details on our Dive Master courses contact us.


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Perth Scuba Christmas Party 2012 PADI Master Scuba Diver Challenge
Christmas Party Carnage…
Get into training this Summer!

Thank you to all the Perth Scuba Crew that joined us at The Terrace Lounge on Saturday 8th December for our annual Christmas Party!

We had a great night and I am sure “The Terrace” will think a third time about offering Perth Scuba an Open Bar for 4 hours again – surprised they let us back after last year!!!  (Thanks Kate for arranging a great night!)

Once again the Perth Scuba crew did well to show the world that we ARE a bunch of drinkers with a diving problem!

A few mentions from the night which couldn’t be missed…

Tahnee – Looking forward to teaching you to dive this summer!

Neal – OMG! What did you leave on my camera!!!

Kristy & Rob – You are both so being tagged so your parents can see what you’ve been up to!

Josh – For being the ONLY person who didn’t dress up for the evening.

Chad – For winning the door prize even though we haven’t seen you dive in 2 years! No excuses now buddy.

Rob – For being Ken’s date AGAIN when we needed a stand-in at another awesome party.

Alex – Wow! Who would’ve known you had a dress in your wardrobe! Nice work girl!

Tristan – Thankfully no hotdog, hernia or heartbeat was left on my camera by yourself!

Joey – “yes, I’m nominating myself” for making this years jelly shots even more deadly than the previous years! Who would’ve thought they’d barely set this year…..

Glen – Where were you??????????? You’re only 21 – going to sleep is no excuse for not partying!

written by Ian “Destructor” Ross – Perth Scuba Instructor

I am really excited about the Master Scuba Diver Challenge. I think it is an excellent qualification being the highest in the non-professional stream. Whilst myself going onto a Professional qualification, that I have enjoyed as a fun part time career and also in the way I have met so many really cool people. I very much appreciate divers that devote their time to the recreational aspects and skill development of diving.

The longer I have been instructing the more excited I get about The Master Scuba Diver Qualification. It guides divers to a thorough understanding of diving in a safe manner. Having seen many aspects of diving I have become a strong advocate of a statement I first heard as a casual comment from a Staff Instructor when I was doing my IDC and that was “Every diver should be trained to the Rescue Diver level” at the time I didn’t realise what an insightful comment that was!

I suppose at the time I could see people’s rationale thinking ‘well I don’t want to dive deep’ and ‘I already know how to dive and that is all I need’ etc but, like many things a greater appreciation and relaxation comes from an activity when you are confident and know how to handle any situation that may come up.

Which brings me back to the Master Scuba Diver qualification. The completion of it includes Open Water, Advanced Open Water, Rescue Diver, 50 logged dives plus 5 specialties I won’t list them all but they focus on the safety, practical and fun aspects of diving, All these together makes it a very worthwhile qualification to hold.

I will conclude by again promoting that comment ‘Every diver should be trained to the Rescue Diver level’ and I would encourage divers to progress at least to that level. I will also add that you will not be ‘jumping the gun’ by moving onto the Rescue course as soon as possible. Many Open Water divers think, as I did, that they need experience before going on through the advanced and rescue courses. But the skillset you learn is that of being more confident in your abilities and being able to keep yourself safe in an emergency or while helping others should that need arise. To me it just seems extremely sensible given the environment in which we operate.

Read more the Master Scuba Diver Challenge…

Perth Scuba PADI Dive Courses Perth Scuba diving events
Upcoming Dive Courses
Upcoming Manta Club Dives & Events

PADI Open Water Diver Course

Got a friend who you’d love to become your buddy? Perth Scuba runs 3 day dive courses EVERY WEEK!!! Spring is a gorgeous time to be diving and a fantastic time to get in the water in the lead up to SUMMER! BOOK NOW – it’s great fun and includes your PADI eLearning Pass – no boring classroom study! Plus, now you can learn to dive AND then grab your SCUBA gear for only $500 more!!! Ask us how!

PADI Advanced Open Water Diver – Try more!

Starts evening of Friday 14th – Sunday 16th December 2012. Get 5 fun and different styles of diving under your weight belt! Enjoy 2 boat dives to Rottnest Island and 3 shore dives to explore the underwater world. Plus try out night diving under the supervision of our qualified Instructors – the weirdest critters come out at night. Gain more confidence in your diving and be certified to dive to 30 meters!

PADI Enriched Air (Nitrox) Diver

Wednesday 19th December 2012 6:00pm. Extend your no decompression time in one evening! Diving with Enriched Air Nitrox gives you better bottom times, a greater safety margin plus you get out of the water feeling great! Plus, Perth Scuba banks 36% Nitrox so you can get a Nitrox fill in under 5 minutes at our store – without needing an O2 clean cylinder! Next course starts Wednesday 3rd January 2013.

PADI Rescue Diver

One of the MOST rewarding courses you will ever take part in. This is the course to build confidence as a diver and KNOW you can help yourself or your buddy. Jump onto this fun, exhausting and exhilarating course on Saturday 5th – Sunday 6th January 2013. You must already be an Advanced Open Water diver to start this course.

PADI Deep Diver Specialty

Saturday 12th – Sunday 13th January 2013. Get deeper and find out what Nitrogen Narcosis is all about! Learn how to safely descend and return from a Deep dive up to 40 metres. These are the skills you need to keep you safe when you’re extending your limits. You must already be an Advanced Open Water diver to start this course. THIS COURSE FINISHES ON THE KEY BISCAYNE – ONLY $450!

PADI Wreck Diver Specialty!

Saturday 26th – Sunday 27th January 2013. Most people think of old ships when they hear about scuba diving on wrecks. However, wreck diving includes diving on all kinds of submerged craft including planes, trains, jettys and automobiles. There are also thousands of sunken sailboats, submarines, buses and even army tanks. That means wreck diving is something you can do almost anywhere there’s water. Join us on a fun and rewarding course learning how to dive on wrecks! THIS COURSE FINISHES ON THE HMAS SWAN – ONLY $325!

PADI Equipment Specialist

Tuesday 15th – Wednesday 16th January 2013 (evenings). You will learn field repairs for those times when a leak is out to spoil your day, how regulators work and what the difference between a balanced regulator is as opposed to a non balanced regulator. Learn how to disassemble your second stage and learn how cylinder valves work. Did you ever wonder how cylinders are made? This is the course for you! The Equipment Specialty Course is a MUST DO for future, current and training Dive Masters.

PADI Underwater Navigation Specialty – Don’t get lost!

Starts Saturday 19th January 2013. Finding your way is not a matter of luck! When everyone’s buzzing about a reef or checking out a shipwreck, they’re having a great time – until it’s time to go. Then they turn to you, because as a PADI Underwater Navigator, you know the way back to the boat. Jump onto this course that always leads you home by contacting us to secure your place.

PADI Digital Underwater Photography Specialty

Starts Sunday 3rd February 2013. Get the best photos you can get when you head underwater. Show your family what you see and make them ooooo and aaaaaah at the critters. Find out what all those buttons and functions do on your camera and see the difference they make to your photography. Don’t have a camera but would like to give it a go? We can provide you with an underwater camera on the day. To book contact us to secure your place.

Wednesday 12th December 2012 7.00pm (FREE Night Dive)

Meet the Perth Scuba Crew at BHP Jetty for an exploration of the jetty pilons at night. The Jetty is located at the end of Risely Road, Kwinana.

This site is the jetty that BHP used to use. The site is accessed by going to the end of Risely Road. On a street map you will see two parallel jetties into the Cockburn Sound, the most northerly being the old BHP jetty. Under the water the seabed slopes down from either side of the jetty with the maximum depth being around 8m in the middle and 10m on the edge of the jetty. The bottom can be silty so watch your buoyancy and try to keep off the bottom.

The jetty structure and cargo nets are encrusted with life and have juvenile fish hiding and lots of seahorses hanging about. There’s usually some big fat orange nudibranchs to find at the end of the pier. The first half of the pier has less marine life than the second, so it’s great as a night dive!

The weirdest critters come out at night so don’t miss a fun night out. Call us on 9455 4448 to let us know you’ll be there. Don’t forget to bring your torch!

Sunday 16th December 2012 8:30am (FREE Shore Dive)

Join the Perth Scuba Crew for a FREE BBQ brekky and then we’ll head out for a fun shore dive that’s easy on those tired eyes. We’ll be heading down to Point Peron where the entry is easy and you may even get buzzed by a dolphin!

You can choose to dive directly in front of the carpark where there’s a small sand patch that gives you access to the South side of the point. The point is very shallow so you’ll need to be careful. If you follow the path from the West side of the point this provides easy access to a more sheltered and deeper dive. Point Peron is littered with kelp, but if you look carefully you’ll find loads of caves and swim throughs that have many critters hiding within their depths.

Expect to find lots of old wives, bulleyes, southern coral fish, blue devils and wrasses under the overhangs. All levels of divers are welcome so please feel free to join us at Perth Scuba.

Friday 21st December 2012 7.00pm (FREE Night Dive + BBQ)

Join the Perth Scuba Crew for a FREE Night Dive followed by a FREE BBQ at Point Walter Reserve. Everyone is welcome to join us for a night dive & BBQ, so bring the whole family along!

Point Walter is a great spot for chasing big fat prawns and crabs. Not catching? Then there’s heaps of seahorses under the jetty that are very photogenic, plus sea wasps and decorator crabs.

Haven’t night dived before? Give us a call on 9455 4448 so we can arrange an experienced buddy to dive with. And for after the dive – bring a few drinks along and we’ll share a few tall tales of our diving adventures throughout the year. Plus… I hear there’ll be a “special” bearded visitor giving gifts and Christmas Cheer.

Sunday 23rd December 8:30am (FREE Shore Dive + BBQ)

Join the Perth Scuba Crew for an explore of the wrecks at Blackwall Reach in Bicton. There’s a large barge, a few small boats and the remains of a yacht. The barge is quite large and teeming with coral growth and critters crawling over it. We’ll be meeting at the northern end of Blackwall Reach Parade and enter the water near the small jetty. We’ll then surface swim 220m on a bearing of 35° following the cliff to buoy number 716. We’ll then head down the chain where the depth is 14m and head west to the big barge. This wreck has been here since 1967 so there’s plenty of life on it to explore. Give us a call on 9455 4448 to let us know you’ll be there!

Tuesday 25th – Wednesday 26th December CLOSED

Perth Scuba is closed for Christmas & Boxing Day. Need gear or air/nitrox fills? Make sure you head into Perth Scuba on Christmas Eve to get your gear sorted – we’re open until 6:00pm!

Saturday 12th or Sunday 13th January 2013 (Key Biscayne Double Boat Dive)

Come and explore the Key Biscayne Wreck with Perth Scuba. Enjoy 2 dives on this famous deep Jack-up Oil Rig wreck off the coast of Lancelin. You must be a minimum of Advanced qualified to enjoy this dive.

Please call 9455 4448 or click here to book. Book early to avoid disappointment – only 2 places left!

To book on any of Perth Scuba’s Courses or Dive Trips email us or call 9455 4448

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