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Perth Scuba News Issue 206

Perth Scuba Newsletter
Perth Scuba News Issue 206: 16th February 2013 Can’t view the Perth Scuba Newsletter? View it in your browser Find us on FacebookFollow us on TwitterProject AWARE My Ocean

Welcome to another edition of the Perth Scuba News! This week Joseph gives us the goss’ on his upcoming dive trip to Esperance – this is a dive tour not to be missed with some of Western Australia’s best diving – including the MASSIVE Sanko Harvest Wreck – the largest diveable wreck in the southern hemisphere.

written by Joseph Bicanic – Perth Scuba Instructor & Videographer

After the success of Perth Scuba’s Esperance trip in January 2012, Lee and Joey are putting on another great weekend of diving in one of WA’s premier sites. I was stoked when asked to be Tour Leader as I so enjoyed the last trip. And what an experience we had. The drive itself, although long, went so fast thanks to my drive buddies, Bel and Tina-Marie. We managed to pop past Wave Rock for a quick pretend surf (well worth the few extra kilometres to see it).

Of course the diving was the big attraction and we had 6 planned dives including 2 on the Senko Harvest. By far these were the best dives. The wreck is too huge and can not be seen in just 1 dive.

Day 1 saw us diving a site called Long Island, which also has a little wreck called the Lapwing to investigate, followed by Sandy Hook. Lots of Talma’s, Old Wives, some big Blue Groupers, soft corals and even some prized Black Coral. And the glass fish make for great footage hhas they spiral around in small schools making patterns as they dance through around the coral. Such a wide variety of marine life to observe, photograph or video. Visibility was around 30 meters (check out my Esperance 2012 YouTube video above with an average maximum depth of 30 meters. Perfect for those wanting to do a deep course.

Day 2 – S. H. The Senko Harvest. What a majestic vessel bottoming out at around the 48 meter mark. The enormous super structure, easy swim through’s, massive openings, lots of life, so much to see and do. The time went by all to quickly as we explored as much as we could during our double dive on this monolith. Lee led us into a cargo hold where we were greeted by several Port Jackson’s peacefully lazing within the ships hull. Fortunately for us they were quite photogenic and we have the evidence to prove it! The excitement on board after both of these dives was electric. I am so, so looking forward to re-visit this wreck to again appreciate her beauty.

On days 1 & 2 the more enthusiastic amongst us did up to 2 night dives in Sheerwater Bay and were treated to a plethora of life including Boar Fish, Bull Ray’s, Cow Fish, Octopus, Cuttlefish, Leather Jackets, as well as the usual suspects.

Day 3 saw us at Woody Island and Rabbit Island. Both around the 25 meter mark and both boasting an abundance of life. Some very cool swim through’s to explore and these massive rocks jutting from the bottom almost to the surface which made for a maze like experience.

My drive buddies joined me on one last dive on Tanker Jetty. A fair walk out to what is now now the end of the jetty then a reasonable swim to what was the jetty’s  end. A swim worth the effort. Tina-Marie, Bel and I finned our way through the artificial reef and followed the line until we reached, what we considered an aquarium, at the end of our trek. We swam into a wall of Old Wives and Yellow Tails. They ignored us as they danced around the old wooden posts. On the return swim we saw some Gurnards and Leather Jackets and of course more Blue Groupers. And finally we were fair welled by 3 seals under the jetty just off the shore.

So if this sounds like the sort of diving you would like to do then join us on our 2013 Perth Scuba Esperance adventure. I look forward to seeing you.

For Reservations Contact Us! A deposit of $250 is required to secure your booking on this awesome adventure to Esperance.

Abrolhos Islands Scuba Diving PADI Master Scuba Diver Challenge
Abrolhos Islands Diving + Fishing Tour
Master Scuba Diver Challenge

Friday 17th – Monday 20th May 2013

Experience a holiday of 4 days on the water in the Abrolhos Islands, off the coast of Geraldton.

At the Abrolhos Islands you’ll be taken to the most spectacular dive sites and best fishing spots – you can even keep what you catch and can take home up to 10kgs of fillets! You’ll arrive in Geraldton the evening before, have a meal and then sleep on board the Pelican Charter vessel. Then it’s a sunrise departure to have breakfast in the Abrolhos!

Abrolhos Islands Weekender includes:

  • Arrive in Geraldton the evening before, then have a meal together in town
  • Sleep on board the Pelican live-aboard
  • Bunk accommodation
  • All meals supplied
  • Fishing rods & tackle
  • Freshwater hot showers
  • Eskys and ice supplied for your BYO drinks
  • Spectacular dive sites
  • Fantastic fishing spots
  • Each person may take up to 10kgs of fillets home!
  • Depart at sunrise & have breakfast in the Abrolhos
  • Two motors, two gensets, inverter
  • Dive compressor
  • All you need is your dive gear to have an awesome weekend in the Abrolhos Islands with us!!!

For further details contact us for an Abrolhos Information Pack.

Become a Master Scuba Diver this Summer has never been easier and better value! Our Master Scuba Diver Package includes 5 x PADI Specialty Courses, all PADI manuals, PADI certification cards, Perth Scuba Exclusive Dive T-Shirts and a FREE Rescue Diver Course – all for only $1095!

What is a Master Scuba Diver?

Master Scuba Diver is PADI’s highest non professional recreational diving certification. This is what the best of the best reach for, because the dive possibilities are endless.

How do I become a Master Scuba Diver?

You must complete your PADI Rescue Diver + five PADI Specialty Diver Courses. Complete them with Perth Scuba and you could WIN great prizes in our Ultimate Master Scuba Diver Challenge!

What’s the Master Scuba Diver Challenge?

Become a Master Scuba Diver with Perth Scuba before 31st May 2013 and you’ll be entered into the Master Scuba Diver Challenge Competition. This is your chance to win a trip to Sydney where you’ll be awarded with the Ultimate Master Scuba Diver Trophy, a Scubapro Dive Package & PADI Dive Master Course.

What Dive Courses can I jump on to become a Master Scuba Diver?

There’s LOTS coming up PLUS you get a FREE Perth Scuba Limited Edition MSD Challenge Shirt for each specialty. There’s a different PADI Dive Specialty every week – so there’s plenty to choose from and learn!

Click here for more details or head into the store to speak with the crew!

PADI Master Scuba Diver Challenge Sidemount Diver Scubapro X-Black BCD Product Review
Become the Ultimate Master Scuba Diver
Product Review: Scubapro X-Black BCD

Perth Scuba PADI Diver Specialty Courses are great fun and awesome experiences to improve your scuba diving. Contact us to book your Dive Specialty Courses TODAY! You only need your Rescue Diver + 5 Specialty Courses to become a Master Scuba Diver AND enter our competition to WIN big prizes!

Rescue Diver Course: 2 – 3 March 2013

Enriched Air Nitrox Specialty: night of 14 February 2013

Deep Diver Specialty: 23 – 24 February 2013

Equipment Specialty: nights of 20 – 21 February 2013

DPV Specialty (Scooters!): Thursday 21 February 2013

Navigation Specialty: 13 – 14 April 2013

Wreck Diver Specialty: 9 – 10 March 2013

Digital Underwater Photography Specialty: 23 March 2013

Shark Aware Specialty: night of 20 March 2013

Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty: 30 March 2013

Sidemount Diver Specialty: 6 – 7 April 2013

Search & Recovery Specialty: 16 – 17 February 2013

Underwater Videography Specialty: 2 – 3 March 2013

Plus, pick up your MSD Challenge Package + SAVE! Package includes 5 x PADI Specialty Courses, all PADI manuals, PADI certification cards, Perth Scuba Exclusive Dive T-Shirts AND a FREE Rescue Diver Course. Jump on board in store today for only $1095! Click here for more details on Perth Scuba’s Master Scuba Diver Challenge.

written by Lee Johnson – Perth Scuba Boss

We Road Tested Scubapro’s new X Black… and here’s what we thought… We have waited with great anticipation for this new arrival and since the phase out of the T Force BCD and now the T Black, The “T” Series of BCDs is officially a thing of the past. Originally designed with the Australian market in mind, the T Black and T Force BCDs were solid work horse BCDs which have proven to be a jewel in the Scubapro BCD Range. With high quality materials and features to boot, these BCDs quickly found themselves at the centre of Perth Scuba’s Hire and Retail Kit areas. 2 years ago, Scubapro announced the end of an era with the T Force being replaced with the new X Series X Force BCD.

Since then the X Force has proven to be a great BCD for all types of diving and it looks great too.

The departure of the final BCD in the T series, the T Black brings us the all new X Black. At first glance the X Black looks similar in that it has all of the same features we loved about the T Black, only the X Black has a couple more adjustments (on both sides of the shoulders) which allows more flexibility for the larger build. The pockets on this BCD are larger which is a great thing for the divers who like to collect things or like to take ALL of their Scubapro toys with them on the one dive!

The Weight pockets are a little different from the T Black. The pockets have very good drainage and are very secure with safety latches to stop them from sliding out. The BCD itself looks very stealthy and the X Black logo fits in well with the whole X image. So from an aesthetic point of view the X Black certainly works, but how about the performance?

Naturally having the only Demo version of this BCD in Australia, I was looking forward to having a dive with it and in this case losing a bit of weight prior to the arrival of the X Black, meant it was a perfect fit. The adjustments on the X Black and X Force are great. A Small will close down in size to an XS and open up to a Medium allowing “growth and expansion” or for those lucky enough to be losing weight, “down size”.

Click here to read more…

Perth Scuba PADI Dive Courses Perth Scuba diving events
Upcoming Dive Courses
Upcoming Manta Club Dives & Events

PADI Open Water Diver Course

Got a friend who you’d love to become your buddy? Perth Scuba runs 3 day dive courses EVERY WEEK!!! Spring is a gorgeous time to be diving and a fantastic time to get in the water in the lead up to SUMMER! BOOK NOW – it’s great fun and includes your PADI eLearning Pass – no boring classroom study! Plus, now you can learn to dive AND then grab your SCUBA gear for only $500 more!!! Ask us how!

PADI Advanced Open Water Diver – Try more!

Starts evening of Friday 22nd – Sunday 24th February 2013. Get 5 fun and different styles of diving under your weight belt! Enjoy 2 boat dives to Rottnest Island and 3 shore dives to explore the underwater world. Plus try out night diving under the supervision of our qualified Instructors – the weirdest critters come out at night. Gain more confidence in your diving and be certified to dive to 30 meters!

PADI Enriched Air (Nitrox) Diver

Thursday 28th February 2013 6:00pm. Extend your no decompression time in one evening! Diving with Enriched Air Nitrox gives you better bottom times, a greater safety margin plus you get out of the water feeling great! Plus, Perth Scuba banks 36% Nitrox so you can get a Nitrox fill in under 5 minutes at our store – without needing an O2 clean cylinder! Next course starts Thursday 14th March 2013.

PADI Rescue Diver

One of the MOST rewarding courses you will ever take part in. This is the course to build confidence as a diver and KNOW you can help yourself or your buddy. Jump onto this fun, exhausting and exhilarating course on Saturday 2nd – Sunday 3rd March 2013. You must already be an Advanced Open Water diver to start this course. PLUS this is your next step in becoming a Master Scuba Diver!

PADI Deep Diver Specialty

Saturday 23rd – Sunday 24th February 2013. Get deeper and find out what Nitrogen Narcosis is all about! Learn how to safely descend and return from a Deep dive up to 40 metres. These are the skills you need to keep you safe when you’re extending your limits. You must already be an Advanced Open Water diver to start this course.

PADI Wreck Diver Specialty!

NEW DATES Saturday 9th – 10th March 2013. Most people think of old ships when they hear about scuba diving on wrecks. However, wreck diving includes diving on all kinds of submerged craft including planes, trains, jettys and automobiles. There are also thousands of sunken sailboats, submarines, buses and even army tanks. That means wreck diving is something you can do almost anywhere there’s water. Join us on a fun and rewarding course learning how to dive on wrecks! THIS COURSE FINISHES ON THE LENA WRECK IN BUNBURY – ONLY $325!

PADI Equipment Specialist

Wednesday 20th – Thursday 21st February 2013 (evenings). You will learn field repairs for those times when a leak is out to spoil your day, how regulators work and what the difference between a balanced regulator is as opposed to a non balanced regulator. Learn how to disassemble your second stage and learn how cylinder valves work. Did you ever wonder how cylinders are made? This is the course for you! The Equipment Specialty Course is a MUST DO for future, current and training Dive Masters.

PADI Digital Underwater Photography Specialty

Starts Sunday 23rd March 2013. Get the best photos you can get when you head underwater. Show your family what you see and make them ooooo and aaaaaah at the critters. Find out what all those buttons and functions do on your camera and see the difference they make to your photography. Don’t have a camera but would like to give it a go? We can provide you with an underwater camera on the day. To book contact us to secure your place.

Remember – complete your Rescue Diver and 5 Specialty Courses with Perth Scuba and YOU could WIN the Ultimate Master Scuba Diver Challenge! Click here for more details.

Sunday 17 February 2013 9:00am + 12:30pm (Busselton Jetty Boat Dive $75pp)

This week we’re off to Busselton for a boat dive on the world famous Busselton Jetty. Busselton Jetty is a 2 kilometre long wooden jetty situated adjacent to the tourist town of Busselton, 275 kilometres south of Perth in Western Australia. The original structure was built in 1865 to service whaling ships. The best diving is at the end of the jetty. Jetty pylons stand like tall trees, each populated with a vibrant mixture of corals and temperate water invertebrate like nudibranchs. Schools of yellowtail scad and pike often hang like clouds. You’ll also discover starfish, crabs, shrimp, shellfish and small non-pelagic fish such as blennies, clingfish and other gobies. Occasionally, jewfish and samson fish zoom through. And if you’re extremely lucky, you may catch sight of a dolphin. The Busselton Jetty is a photographer’s underwater paradise. With a maximum depth of only 8 metres, even a novice diver can enjoy a long bottom time. Call 9455 4448 to book your place – still places left on the 12:30pm boat!

Tuesday 19 February 2013 7:00pm (FREE Shore Night Dive)

This week we’re off to explore the AMMUNITION JETTY. This dive site is full of soft and hard corals, schooling fish, baby port jackson sharks and cow fish. You can also find lion fish AND frog fish if you look very carefully! Join Lee and Joey for an evening exploring what comes out at night under the jetty. Don’t forget to bring your torch!

Wednesday 20 February 2013 7:00pm (GoPro Career Evening)

Looking for a part-time career or a full-time career change? Something to earn extra cash while you have FUN! Ever wanted to dive and earn money doing it? Ever wanted to take your diving to the next level? Ever thought about a change in career or even an extended holiday around the world diving for a living?

Tonight is the night you can find out how to do it. Becoming a PADI dive professional is a rewarding and fun thing to do and it isn’t difficult to do! The PADI system of diver training with all of the available training aids, makes the PADI Dive Master course no more difficult than your open water course. But being a PADI Pro not only takes you to the elite level with your own dive training, but it gives you options… LOTS of options.

Saturday 23 February 2013 8:00am (Lena Boat Dives $130pp)

Join the Perth Scuba Crew exploring this accessible wreck located in Bunbury. It’s a great morning out and as the wreck’s located in only 18 metres it gives you plenty of opportunity to explore its holds and coral growth – plus find all those critters that hide in the dark! To book on this double boat dive give us a call on 9455 4448 – hurry only 1 spot left!

Sunday 24 February 2013 8:30am (Free Shore Dive)

Join the Perth Scuba Crew for a dive to ROBB JETTY. It’s a bit of a walk to the dive site but it offers some great critters and usually clear water. Fantastic for a calm day for a dive that can extend out to an hour and a half in the shallow waters.

Meet the crew at Perth Scuba at 8:30am for a FREE BBQ breakfast. This week Josh will be leading the crew down to the waters edge.

Wednesday 27 February 2013 7:00pm (Travel Information Evening)

KOMODO ISLANDS Underwater Photography Workshop. Meet the tour leader Shannon Conway and ask any questions about this exciting tour to the Komodo Islands. With Shannon Conway’s experience at your shoulder, he will teach you the secrets to creating beautiful Underwater Photography. Shannon believes there’s no substitute for having your own workshop right on your doorstep so that you have the time to practice what you have learnt with the opportunity to go back again to work towards achieving that perfect image. Shannon will be available to critique your work and suggest ideas for improving your images. He will present optional talks and workshops relating to the Art of Underwater Photography, sharing his approach and experiences with you.

Sunday 3 March 2013 8:30am (Free Shore Dive)

Join the Perth Scuba Crew for a FREE Sunday Morning Shore Dive! Meet at the store for a FREE BBQ breakfast followed by a short drive to the spot of the day.

To book on any of Perth Scuba’s Courses or Dive Trips email us or call 9455 4448

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