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Perth Scuba News Issue 209

Perth Scuba Newsletter Issue 209
Perth Scuba News Issue 209: 24th March 2013 Can’t view the Perth Scuba Newsletter? View it in your browser

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Perth Scuba News! Don’t forget our Dive Travel Information Evening this Tuesday 26 March @ 7:00pm – where will your next scuba diving adventure take you??? All are welcome and it’s a great chance to meet the tour leaders, check out the awesome destination line-up and see who you’ll be travelling with – look forward to seeing you tomorrow evening!

What's Coming Up at Perth Scuba
Diving in Brunei Reefs, Wrecks and Oil Rigs

FREE Dive Travel Information Evening Tuesday 26th March 2013 7pm

Ningaloo Dive & Sail Safari 10th – 13th May 2013

Abrolhos Islands Dive & Fishing Weekender 17th – 20th May 2013

Brunei Dive Holiday 13th – 21st July 2013

Tawali, Papau New Guinea Dive Holiday 26th July 2013

Manado & Lembeh Strait Dive Holiday 4th April 2014

Shannon Conway Underwater Photography Workshop – Komodo Islands 5th July 2014

Kosrae Micronesia Dive Holiday 29th August 2014

Egypt Dive & Pyramid Tour 16th September 2015 – FULLY BOOKED 23rd September 2015 – 16 places left!

written by Joey Pool – Perth Scuba Assistant Instructor

Borneo has long been a top diving destination, attracting divers, naturalists and photographers with its stunning coral reefs and spellbing aquatic life, beautiful beaches and warm, tropical climate. Brunei’s waters cover around 41,000 square kilometres, and within that area there’s 50 square kilometers covered in coral. In recent studies, coral ecologists have discovered that Brunei holds more than 400 speices of coral, this being nearly as many varieties as are found on the largest reef in the world – The Great Barrier Reef – that stretches 2300km along the Queensland coastline! In other words, a dive in Brunei will show you more coral varieties than you would typically see in a week of diving in Queensland!!!

What Brunei has on land in terms of natural, unspoilt ecosystems in their lush, tropical rainforests is equally found in their underwater backyard. Most coral reefs here are in pristine condition and host highly diverse coral communities. Brunei’s reefs have an unusual co-habitation of reef-building hard corals, soft corals and gorgonian fans. Giving your reef dives a riot of colour and textures to marvel over. Recent surveys have revealed the existence of rare coral species which typically occur in waters deeper than 25 metres.

Reefs around Brunei are generally quite shallow, with rich coral fauna, high coral cover and a fascinating variety of fish life. Brunei is definitely an unexploited garden of the marine world – and a perfect time to experience the diving in Brunei! Brunei offers diving on reefs, wrecks and oil rigs, muck dives for the avid macro photographer that’s keen to capture the breathtaking or bizarre plus so much more.

Would you like to explore the unspoilt diving that Brunei has to offer? Then join us on our FREE Information evening on Tuesday 26 March @ 7:00pm to meet the Tour Leader and see what this destination has to offer you for your next dive holiday! All are welcome – and we’ll also show you why this is an awesome destination for your Non-Diving members of your family!! Can’t make it to our Info Evening? Contact us for a Dive Travel Information Package!

Brunei Dive Travel Information Night
Perth Scuba Update

written by Lee Johnson – Perth Scuba Manager

Another busy month flies by as we all prepare for our upcoming trips to Truk Lagoon and Palau.

Courses have been very busy with already 230 new divers since the start of the year and another 70+ students completing Advanced, Rescue and Divemaster courses over the same period.

Brunei / Kosrae & Manado Trip Information Night – Tomorrow Night!

Don’t miss out on this fantastic set of upcoming dive trips this Tuesday night! After having a presentation from the guys at Brunei Tourism we are very excited at being able to offer this great trip along with other upcoming trips to Kosrae in Micronesia and Manado.

Make sure you clear the diary for tomorrow evening. This one is going to be a great night.

Hope to see you there! 7pm at Perth Scuba Tuesday 26th March.

MSD Update:

The Master Scuba Diver challenge is flying along with 25 new Master Scuba Divers already certified and heaps of others who are just a couple of specialties away from completion. The final challenge is sure to be a fantastic weekend with the winner jet setting their way to Sydney for a weekend to visit PADI Head Office and Scubapro Head office to be awarded their prizes. If you would like to participate in the MSD Challenge for 2013, you can contact the store on 9455 4448. You can purchase a complete MSD program for just $1095 which includes 5 specialty courses + FREE Rescue Course. At the end of the challenge as well as receiving an automatic entry into the MSD Challenge weekend, you will be trained in 5 new specialty courses which are guaranteed to hone your diving skills and make you a better and safer diver and dive buddy. If you already have a few specialties, then it’s as easy as completing the specialties of your choice so you have 5 in total and then join Perth Scuba on one of our cool Rescue Courses and once you complete that – you qualify and the Master Scuba Diver certification is FREE!!!

Don’t forget you also get a Limited Edition Master Scuba Diver Challenge T-shirt for every specialty you complete with Perth Scuba during the challenge and when you become a Master Scuba Diver, you will be awarded the VERY LIMITED EDITION “Mission Accomplished” T-shirt to show off to all your dive buddies! The Challenge closes on the 31st of May so be quick!

Are you up for the challenge???

Oz Tek 2013

Joey and I recently returned from Sydney and Melbourne after a whirlwind 4 day trip to check out the new and exciting dive equipment and opportunities at Oz Tek. We saw some fantastic presentations from some very established and distinguished speakers. We heard how the 1600’s “Mars” wreck was discovered and saw footage of the first dives on the remains of a real pirate ship. The depth of over 100 metres and the cold water temperature close to zero has left this wooden hulled vessel virtually still intact. There was a very large bounty discovered on this wreck so there were some very cool scenes to see on the movie they showed along with the presentation. We also saw a very informative session on the all new Fluoro Diving which we will be telling you all about over the next couple of months. We have all the cool new toys at Perth Scuba… of course!

As far as new products – there were lots of new rebreathers and other high end toys available to see. We caught up with our friends from Scubapro who were showing off the latest gear. The new 50th Anniversary Mk 25 S 600 Regulators which are a limited edition run – look great. The new Meridian Black Tek Dive computer watch looked very cool and the Black Tek Mk 25 S 600 regulators were also on show. The new arrival of the G260 Second stage is about to be released and they look awesome ! I am sure the teckies are going to love them.

We also visited our buddies from Halcyon who have also just recently acquired DUI Dry suits to add to the range of Halcyon products. The guys – Liam and Robin are very focused on their range and building a new stable of product ranges which will all be exclusive to Perth Scuba & Dive Locker. We look forward to showing you the new ranges as they become available.

Lastly on Oz Tek a big congratulations to Liam Allen who took out the prestigious “Technical Diver of the Year” Award. Liam’s contribution to Technical diving is huge and his involvement in so many different projects and research was strongly behind receiving the award.

New Perth Scuba Website Coming Soon!

The grass doesn’t grow under Joey’s feet and once again she is busy preparing the new Perth Scuba website. The new site will be a little bit more user friendly with our online shop mirroring every single line we carry in store. This means that even if you can’t get into the shop, you can still make any purchases online and have the items delivered to your door. We will also have a few more interactive areas where you guys can submit your Go Pro video footage, photos and heaps more.

Perth Scuba in the Awards again!!

Last week PADI Regional Manager David Oliver flew over to present the Perth Scuba crew with another award for our efforts. This time we received an award for “Outstanding Contribution to the Dive Industry in Western Australia”. This was for the work we put into the Marine Parks last year. We canvassed fairly heavily with the Conservation Council of WA for more marine sanctuaries and protected areas in and around WA’s South West and Perth areas. I flew to Canberra to meet with a whole bunch of ministers who at the time were looking at the proposed marine sanctuaries which were being rolled out over the state. The meetings went exceptionally well and as a result when the proposed marine parks were announced we got a marine sanctuary at Two Rocks which is going to be a fantastic area for divers to enjoy an area where fishing and taking fish of any type will be banned and the diving will soon become what it should and can be like. I look forward to diving the marine park once it is all officially marked and Perth Scuba hopes to be a part of the marine monitoring team to see the improvements and document the changes that occur once this area is totally protected. It is great to see that you can make a difference. Before we went to Canberra, divers weren’t even consulted in regards to the marine parks. Now we as an industry have a voice. Thank you to everyone who supported us on this massive challenge and this award is as much for you as it is for us.

Finally we prepare for our departure to Truk Lagoon and Palau this week with 24 Perth Scuba crew heading off to Truk and 25 to Palau. This fantastic trip is going to be some of the best diving the world has to offer and something I am sure there will be many stories to share when the crew get back! Joey and I will be leading the Truk part of the trip and Josh will be looking after the crew for the Palau trip. We look forward to spending some fun times with the Perth Scuba crew.

Dive Holiday Destinations Manado Lembeh Strait Brunei Kosrae Micronesia
Upcoming Events Kosrae Micronesia Abrolhos Islands Dive and Fishing Safari

Check out the new Dive Master faces frequenting our Perth Scuba Shore Dives – please give Lani, Rick and Peter a warm welcome as you see them firing up the BBQ and leading your dives!

Wednesday Night Dive (FREE) Call 9455 4448 for this week’s location 27 March @ 7:00pm

Sunday Club Dive (FREE) Meet at Perth Scuba, Canning Vale 31 March @ 8:30am

Wednesday Night Dive (FREE) Call 9455 4448 for this week’s location 3 April @ 7:00pm

Sunday Club Dive (FREE) Meet at Perth Scuba, Canning Vale 7 April @ 8:30am

Wednesday Night Dive (FREE) Call 9455 4448 for this week’s location 10 April @ 7:00pm

Join Dive Master extraordinaire Lindsay Phillips on a scuba diving adventure to Kosrae Micronesia. Lee and Joey were lucky enough to visit this untouched part of the world in 2012 and we had an awesome time cruising over untouched coral reefs, marvelling at the giant rainforests and hiking up to ancient stone ruins. Kosrae is a gorgeous part of the world where less than 100 divers visit per year – just you and your buddy on the reef! AMAZING!!!

Kosrae is not just about the scuba diving, it’s also got fantastic land adventures to offer, so it’s perfect for the non-diver members of your family.

Your Dive Tour includes:

• Flights ex Cairns – Guam – Kosrae – Guam – Cairns on United

• 8 nights accommodation at Kosrae Nautilus Resort, Kosrae

• 1 night accommodation at Bayview Hotel, Guam

• 1 night accommodation at Cairns Colonial Club, Cairns

• 11 boat dives including lunch, tanks, weights, air fills & guide

• Twin share accommodation (2 double beds in Kosrae)

Plus you can add 5 nights in Truk or Pohnpei for only $1375!!!

Click here for more details or contact us for a Dive Travel Information Package – or join us on Tuesday 26 March for our free Dive Travel Information Evening @ 7pm – all welcome!!!

Join the Perth Scuba Crew for an awesome adventure diving and fishing the Abrolhos Islands.

Geraldton is the gateway to this amazing archipelago of 122 islands located about 70km from the shore called the Houtman Abrolhos Islands.

Composed of 3 groups of 40 islands each, The Abrolhos Islands boast an incredible range of marine life, thanks to a  unique mix of tropical and temperate marine species. The spectacular coral gardens make for magnificent scuba diving and snorkelling while the prolific fish life means fishing is top notch.

The Abrolhos islands are known as one of the country’s best sea bird breeding colonies, as well as a haven for marine mammals such as sea lions, dolphins and migratory whales.

The Abrolhos Islands are also rich in maritime history. The infamous Batavia wreck lies on the ocean floor on Morning reef at the Wallabi group of islands. The Batavia was wrecked in 1629 on her maiden voyage from Holland.

Your Abrolhos Islands adventure will include 4 nights aboard the Pelican vessel in bunk accommodation, all meals, hot showers, diving and fishing all day every day and lots of fun!!! Your Tour Leader Alex will be joining you on this adventure and it’s set to be an awesome time diving and fishing the islands.

Want to join us? Click here for more information or Contact us to book your place on this fun diving and fishing weekender!

Perth Scuba PADI Master Scuba Diver Entrants Dive & Fish the Abrolhos Islands
Upcoming Courses PADI Dive Specialty Courses PADI Enriched Air Nitrox Diver Specialty

PADI Open Water Diver Course starts every week! All inclusive only $495pp – Learn to dive in only 3 days!

PADI Advanced Open Water Course next course starts evening 22nd March only $395pp – a tasting plate of scuba diving in 1 weekend!

PADI Rescue Diver Course next course starts 20th April only $325pp – be the best buddy you can be!

PADI Dive Master Course next course starts 7th April only $995pp – jump into an exciting career!


Enriched Air Nitrox Course $149 – evening of 28th March, or evening of 11th April

Peak Performance Buoyancy Course $199 – 30th March

Deep Diver Course $325 – 6th & 7th April

Underwater Navigation Course $199 – 13th & 14th April

Rescue Diver Course $325 – 20th – 21st April

Wreck Diver Course $325 – 20th & 21st April

Digital Underwater Photography $249 – 27th April

Drysuit Diver Course $199 – 4th May

Contact us to book your next Specialty Diver Course – gain experience, have fun and learn more about your diving!!!

Enriched Air (NITROX) is a great way to extend your bottom time by increasing your no decompression limits. By mixing a higher percentage of Oxygen in your cylinder (air contains 21%) to between 32 and 36% you can almost double your available dive time at certain depths.

Learn how to set your dive computer to use Enriched Air. Learn what percentage is best for the depth you are planning to dive and learn how to analyse the contents of your Scuba Cylinder.

In just a few hours you will be planning longer dives with higher percentages of oxygen. Learn the theory behind Enriched Air and some of the slightly more technical aspects of Partial pressures.

A great and informative course which will take your diving another notch higher! Our next course kicks off on the evening of the 28th March. Contact us to book your course and in only one evening you can be diving on Nitrox!

PADI Deep Diver Specialty PADI Enriched Air Nitrox Diver

To book on any of Perth Scuba’s Courses or Dive Trips email us or call 9455 4448

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