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Night dive at the Ammunition Jetty

Night dive at the Ammunition Jetty

Wednesday 20 May 2020

Ready for our night dive at Ammo Jetty

Last night we took the club dive to Ammo Jetty. With the water temp dropping we still had 5 keen divers ready to jump in.

After a trek to the water we dropped down and started to check out the jetty. On the way out we spotted a few relaxed squid and some blowfish schools. We checked out the end then circled back and started kicking in. On the way we spotted a strange little occy hiding in the sand which to me looked like a baby starry night octopus but it eventually disappeared into a hole in the sand. We also found a few nudibranch stuck to the pillars.

Fifty minutes later we had managed to search the whole jetty and it was starting to get a bit chilly so we made our way in.

Dane Fielder – PADI Instructor

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